'Aerosmith' sings 'Dream On' in Commemoration of Last Year's Boston Bombings: A Powerful Message

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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry paid homage to the survivors and victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings with a chilling performance of "Dream On." The duo performed along the talented children of Southern California Chorus to bring a heart-felt message to everyone.

ESPN aired the performance Tuesday night, for its TV special E: 60 Presents Dream On: Stories from Boston's Strongest. The performance was showed exactly one year after the Boston Bombings which happened April 15. The tragedy left in its wake 3 dead and 264 more injured people.

Tyler and Steve were accompanied by the Southern California Chorus in performing the tribute for last year's sad event. In the performance shown in the YouTube video, they all recorded it together in a white, church-like stage.

The duo's performance, added with snippets of different people, pictures, relatives, survivors, and runners involved in the incident give a deep emotional feel to the video. Backed up by the angelic voices of the children's chorus, the overall performance makes a tear-jerking experience for viewers.

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Joe Perry, guitarist of Aerosmith says, "The lyrics, it's one of those rare songs that you can apply to a lot of different things, you can interpret it how you want, which is really the magic of music," added Perry. "You can take it, and you can apply it to something very personal and small or something - a big event, an event like what happened in Boston.", in a news report by Craig Rosen of Yahoo! Music news.

Steven Tyler in a statement about the performance said, "It's almost like [the song] was written for this unfortunate event," says Tyler, after referring to its lyrics: "Sing with me, sing for the year, sing for the laughter, sing for the tear.", reported Sheila Cosgrove Baylis from people.com.

Viewers and sympathizers around the world respond to the video as very powerful. It's nevertheless, a "Boston Strong" performance.

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