Adobe Flash Player 13 Beta: Free Download Available for Improved Streaming Experience

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Adobe Flash Player is an extensively used tool in the blogosphere.

Adobe Flash Player is the standard to deliver striking and high-impact rich web content. Designs, graphics, animations, and user interfaces are deployed immediately across all browsers and platforms, ensuring rich user experience. Video streaming is the best example to understand the significance of Adobe's Flash Player.

List of Fixed Issues

With the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 13 (beta), the following issues have been fixed:

- HTTP live streaming problem.

- The switch between Audio only stream and Audio/video Stream is made seamless.

- The new Player is also more stabler than the earlier versions of Flash Player.

At present, one can find many of the popular websites using Adobe platforms to function. Youtube is an example of how crucial Flash Player is to day-to-day usage. YouTube uses the Flash plug-in to stream & uploaded videos onto your computer screens.

The percentage of flash plug-in usage among sites like Youtube is the highest when compared to other competitors, especially in the streaming videos arena.

Nevertheless, this platform is attacked quite often by hackers. To keep the attackers at bay, Adobe comes up with newer versions of the software fixes time to time. It is recommended to always keep the flash player version updated.


This latest version of Flash Player 13 is being acclaimed as the most effective one so far. It provides users and developers many improvements for a more engaging experience.

- This update supports the 'TextField' text boxes better, which experienced alignment problems earlier when the videos were being streamed.

- The notifications display is improved significantly.

- With improved security and a complete removal of security flaws, Adobe Flash Player 13 has the potential to serve better than any software of its kind.


Adobe Flash Player 13 is available to both Windows and Mac users. Notably, this latest version from Adobe is free.

Nevertheless, the software does not offer Linux compatibility. According to Culture Mob, if you are running the Linux operating system, the highest version of Adobe Flash Player that you can get is the 11.2.

Also this beta version 13 is compatible with 32 bit Windows XP and Vista systems and 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7 and 8 systems.

System Requirement

According to Culture Mob, Windows system should have at least a x86 processor with 2.66 GHz clock speed or higher.

The Netbook users need 1.6GHz Atom processor or higher. The minimum RAM requirement for Windows system is 512 MB. But the performance will be better with the availability of 1GB of RAM.

Notably, the Windows system should also have a minimum of 512 GB dedicated graphic memory. The supported browsers include Chrome, IE 8, Firefox 17, & Opera 11 and above.

Free Download

You can get the update from Adobe's official website. This Beta version of Adobe Flash Player 13 can also be downloaded from the developers' blog and many other tech websites.

Adobe recommends uninstalling older version of Flash Player before installing the newer version of Flash Player.  

Also note that, this software is in beta testing phase and may still have several bugs. The stable version will be released very soon.

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