Adobe Flash Player 12: Review, Highlight, Prerequisite, Support; Available as Free Download

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The Adobe Flash Player is the touchstone for rich, salient and high-impact web content. Designs, graphics, animations, and user interfaces are deployed immediately across all browsers and platforms, guaranteeing rich and seamless virtual experience. For high quality video streaming, Adobe's Flash Player versions are the golden standard in the blogosphere.

Recently, Adobe released the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 12, along with two other releases, that include Flash Player for Internet Explorer and the Adobe AIR 4.0.

Adobe is known to update its flash player versions in order to be relevant to the growing internet technologies and software developments. As the technology advances, we, as users should update our software products constantly to keep hackers and attackers away from our virtual work/experience.

Browser Pre-requisite

To fully utilize the potential of the newly upgraded Adobe flash Player 12, users need to have at least one of the following browsers on their system - Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, A Firefox 4.0 or higher, or Opera 11.


1. The new Flash Player provides the user an option to get "automatic updates." Upon connecting to the internet, if there is any update from Adobe, the flash player automatically updates in the background with no manual intervention.

2. The Adobe Flash Player 12 upgrade allows users to navigate seamlessly between many different Operating Systems on desktops, smartphones, tablets and even ordinary mobile phones.

3. When Adobe Flash Player 11 was released, users complained that the player is getting crashed quite often on the browsers. But Adobe took care of these complaints in their latest offering i.e. Adobe Flash Player 12, so no more browser crashes.

4. Improved gaming experience: According to The Fuse Joplin, Stage 3D is the latest in getting the best out of gaming and viewing experience. This accelerator can compound the rendering capabilities of both 2D and 3D; in addition, the Flash Player 12 allows it to be streamed across multiple devices, including mobile phones, desktops and TVs.

5. Adobe flash player 12 can stream files, apps and other media elements at a significantly high speed when compared to its predecessor.

6. The latest Flash Player from Adobe has introduced a 'content protection support' for Android, iOS and Blackberry devices. The content protection support areas include rotation support, domain support, device filtering and V3 license chaining.

Browsers & OS Notes:

1. The latest version of Flash Player is not compatible with the Windows version 8 or 8.1. But the silver lining is that Flash Player is part of the OS itself in case of Windows 8.

2. Adobe Flash Player 12 offers support for the Safe Mode in the Safari Browser.

3. In addition, users interested in trying out Adobe Flash Player 12 on their Chrome browsers should note that the Flash Player already comes built in with Chrome.

What Can Developers Expect From This New Version?

This particular new version from Adobe will be much appreciated by end users and developers alike. There are many significant features in the new version; including an improved packaging engine for iOS applications, support for Android 4.4 KitKat (in AIR platform), and a new Android Workers feature that is added to AIR 4.0 platform.

According to Culture Mob, the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 12 supports ".pkg file" for the Mac, which was introduced in the 3.9 version and these files can be deployed on a large scale.

In addition, the previously reported security problems and bugs have been fixed in this latest version.

Free Download

The Adobe Flash Player 12 is now available as a free download for Mac and Windows.

However, Flash Player is also available for Internet Explorer (for desktop) that runs Windows 7 or lower. Moreover, Windows 8 users will get updates through the operating system.

For further information on the latest Flash Player - Click here to go to Adobe's site

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