Adidas Smartwatch Vs Nike Fuel Band SE: Latest Smartwatch Battle? [VIDEOS]

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Even with sports, the latest smartwatch battle to happen is between the latest Adidas Smartwatch vs Nike Fuel Band SE.

Whether you are an Adidas or a Nike fan, here is a comprehensive look on the latest wearable gadget that the two big companies are set to offer:

According to the blog of the AppsZoom site, the Nike Fuel Band SE has the iOS support just like its previous version. Many say that it was a wrong move for Nike to not make it compatible with the Android devices instead. However, the brand new Adidas Smartwatch called the Adidas miCoach Smart Run is made compatible with both the iOS and the Android.

Adidas Smartwatch vs Nike Fuel Band SE: The Specs and The Looks

Both wearable gadgets arrive in two different designs. The Nike Fuelband SE comes in the wristband design that renders you all the information you need on the number of steps you take, your heart rate and even your score for each activity which is also called as the Fuel Points. It can even track your sleep!

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Its features are all supported with power of the iOS app. It can be a dependent on its own and in terms of cost, it is way a lot more affordable that can be comfortable for any buyer no matter what is the budget.

On the other hand, the Adidas miCoach Smart Run is more advantageous in many other elements. It has chips for you to purchase too being a part of a pair of boots where you can identify your connector to your iPod or iPad.

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Once it is applied in your shoes, it will have all data synced and see reviews for your every performance. BBC UK adds that it can help the athletes, most especially, to design their own program in enhancing their fitness levels.

It has an mp3 player too with internal storage of 4GB, a GPS, accelerometer, a heart rate tracker and a 410mAh battery. It can sync iOS and Android apps. Everything you need to know is shown on the smartwatch display straight on. However, when it comes to cost, it has almost double the price of the Nike Fuel Band SE.

So the verdict? If you are running tight on budget yet you want something to track your casual jogging activities around the block, settle for what Nike has. But for the more serious athletes, it's that of Adidas as the overall winner for the Adidas Smartwatch vs Nike Fuel Band SE battle.

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