Adidas Shoes Gets Creative With Instagram

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Adidas Shoes
Shoes from Adidas, the world's second largest sports apparel firm, are displayed before the company annual general meeting in the northern Bavarian town of Fuerth near Nuremberg May 8, 2014. REUTERS

Adidas and Nike are two of the world's top sports apparel brands. Footwear remains an essential part of their business.

Both companies offer customization for their footwear, particularly Adidas with Mi Adidas and Nike with Nike ID. They allow customers to choose from a wide variety of colors, materials used, and the option to have their name and/or number stitched onto the shoe. This provides a wide range of customization, giving their customers an enjoyable and satisfying experience while personalizing their gears.

According to CNet, Adidas made an announcement video on its Instagram account, regarding the new app, which will take footwear customization to another level to which the possibilities are limitless.

PCMag said the app will be available for both Apple iOS and Android OS platforms, and is expected to be available for download anytime this August. The application will allow users to have any of their Instagram photos printed on their ordered shoes. The shoe model confirmed to be available for this service so far is the Adidas ZX Flux Sneaker (photo).

Engadget posted sample photos of the customized shoes which can be viewed here (gallery). As exciting as this announcement may be for sneaker collectors and brand loyalists, Adidas has not yet given any further details as to how the app and the entire ordering process will work.

In the meantime, below is a glimpse of the sample shoe customization from Adidas.

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