Adidas Joins Wearables Market with Fitness Band

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The leading footwear brand Adidas is all set to enter the wearables market with an exclusive focus on personal workout sessions. Blogger Nick Wingfield writes in New York Times how Adidas is scripting a unique strategy for the fitness market.

Market Scene

Wearable devices for activity-tracking are flooding the market. The arrival of a smartwatch from Apple will raise the bar on what people expect from wearables. That is why entry of Adidas is being watched to know whether it has the technological chops to build wearables in a market where Apple, Google, Microsoft and other giants are slugging it out.

Fit Smart

The blogger praises Paul Gaudio, the General Manager of digital sports at Adidas for being undaunted when he introduced the company's Fit Smart fitness tracker at the Wearables Conference in San Francisco, the other day.

Priced at $199 the wristband will be available in the market by mid-August at Best Buy and will pack features as other wearables including the ability to track the distance traveled, pace and calorie burnt. The Adidas wristband can track heart rate and helps in providing MiCoach training programs while working out. The heart rate monitoring will indicate how a runner's body is responding while on a run.

The Process

According to a CNet Report by Nick Stat, the Adidas wristband will be covered in soft silicon with a heart rate monitor underneath for workouts and action sports. It quotes Paul Gaudio again to say that the Fit Smart is not meant to be worn perpetually. Its battery will last only 10 hours on a single charge and needs to be strapped to the wrist on work out.

LED Light

One of the key features of Adidas wristband will be a glowing LED light that uses the heart rate monitor in showing many hues of blue, green, yellow and red. It will signal the workout intensity.

Adidas' wearable is projected as an exceptional bespoke kind where less of physical materials are present. It will have more of what Adidas wants to from a point of view of usefulness. In short Adidas Fit Smart gives consumers a message of simplicity and practicality.  

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