Adidas has Covered its New Trainers in Mud as Part of Distressed Fashion

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Adidas Shoes
Shoes from Adidas, the world's second largest sports apparel firm, are displayed before the company annual general meeting in the northern Bavarian town of Fuerth near Nuremberg May 8, 2014. REUTERS

Its official! Distressed fashion trend has taken the youth by storm. Adidas has joined this league by covering a layer of fake mud on new trainers that go well with your ripped jeans and faded tees. Though these accessories might not look formal, these are stylish and effortless with a natural worn out look.

Adidas launched its 7 X 750 trainers with a fake mud bottom layer on a white shoe by teaming up with designer Kazuki Kuraishi and Ryan Gander , the conceptual artist for the product to come up with an effect what they call 'a snow-white leather upper with a clever mud-splatter effect.'

This is not the first time that the footwear industry is making strides into the distressed design world. Converse had introduced its Well Worn Collection, which is a range of pre-washed sneakers with scuffed toe caps and dirtied canvas in March last year. However, Adidas has taken it to new heights in distressed fashion, which would tempt the users to go for it.

You can even boast to your friends that you have been to a mucking festival or other real grown up exercises for men with these hand-crafted mud stained of the Adidas 7 x 750 trainers. The heady vintage feel is what makes this range stand out from the conventional trainers. An illegal rave party , paint stains or an art installation on a rainy day- these trainers would add on to your individual profile of hobbies and activities.  It is a welcome change from the spotless white trainers that may suggest that you are not an outdoorsy type.

So next time when you think to throw away your trainers are dirty and muddied with real mud, remember that people are willing to shell out a fortune to buy artificial tan. At £130 a pop, these range of sneakers would go well only with the hardcore fans of tan. However on the brighter side, you can wear these at rain without  any worry of getting muddied.

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