Adam Sandler’s Wants to ‘Grow Old’ with Drew Barrymore, Expresses Love for Her on ‘Tonight Show’

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Adam Sandler has long been associated with Drew Barrymore. He did some of the most memorable movies of his career with her and he finally admitted that he would like to "grow old" with Barrymore who was also equally articulate about her feelings for Sandler.

Barrymore said that they were supposed to fall in love in every 10 years. She indicated that there had always an incredibly romantic movie starring both of them once in 10 years. She obviously was talking about The Wedding Singer which got released in 1998 and then another wonderful love story called 50 First Dates appeared in 2004. People have been waiting to see what kind of magic these two bring together in their upcoming flick Blended.

Even before we can watch them again on the silver screen after 10 years, we had the opportunity to witness something extraordinary on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, Feb 26. Jimmy Fallon suggested that his guests should express their love for each other through a song and what followed was nothing short of an unbelievable moment of a typical Rom-Com.

Barrymore started singing: "Every 10 years I promise to love you" while Sandler joined her to express his love for her. The 47-year-old actor went to a hilarious extent to prove how long he would love his Blended co-star and said that he would continue to love her even when her "boobs touch the floor". Reacting to that, the 39-year-old "very much pregnant" actor wisecracked: "You mean now?"

The duo kept teasing each other as they sang for each other. While Barrymore sang: ""You are the Fred, to my Ginger Rogers", Sandler replied: "You're the Rob Ford, to my crack cocaine". His mention of the Canadian politician and his drug scandal left the audient amused. Their expression of love for seemed extremely real, thus cute. The special moment happened when Sandler decided to end the song with a reference to The Wedding Singer song and sang: "Oh, I could be the man who grows old with you". His made his Drewy's eyes go dewy with a single line of love.

They both apparently promised each other at the end that they would have each other "every 10 years."

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