Adam Levine Dead Due to Drug Overdose: Is it Real or Hoax News?

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The news spread like wildfire on social networking site, Facebook, that Adam Levine has died due to drug overdose, and soon condolences started pouring in. However, the news about Maroon 5's frontman death turned out be a complete hoax news.   

A post on Facebook said, as quoted by The Epoch Times, "[BREAKING NEWS] ADAM LEVINE of Maroon 5 Dies at 35 from Drug Overdose ... Was reported Dead on Arrival after being rescued from a Drug ..." The original source of this post was said to be Yahoo. Also, the news spread that there is a video footage of  Adam Levine's death.  It has turned out that Yahoo never reported news of Adam Levine's death, and also there exist no such video footage. 

Representatives of Adam Levine have also confirmed that the much loved frontman's death is a complete hoax. In a statement, they said: "He joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimized by this hoax. He's still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the Internet."

The hoax news was never reported by any of the news sites. The news spread on Facebook and on other social networking sites because of the scam post. According to reports, when the scam post, available on Facebook, is clicked, the user lands on a website that looks like Facebook. To read the complete story, the user has to share or like the post, which ensures that more people see the post and land on the scam site. Once the process is completed, the user finds that there is no Adam Levine's news. The landing page has a bogus survey, which is asking his personal details.  It is highly recommended that online users do not fill out suspicious looking surveys on the Internet.

Internet has become a playground for michief-makers, as there are plenty of scams trying to rip-off the online visitor. Clicking on a Hoax news can result in download of malicious software. Also, a scam Facebook apps can access the user's accounts. If someone is a victim of the Adam Levine's scam, it would be advisable to remove post from the Facebook wall. "Unlike" it, as well, so that your friends also do not fall prey to the Adam Levine Drug Overdose Scam.

Adam Levine is engaged to Behati Prinsloo after an on and off relationship. They have yet to officially announce their wedding date to the media.  

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