Adam Brody is Back on TV: Check Out his ‘New Girl’ Debut

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The former O.C. star is set to take teenage hearts all over the globe as Adam Brody will be having a guest appearance in the hit series "New Girl". The former lead star of one of the critically acclaimed drama hit O.C. Seth Cohen (played by Adam brody) is definitely going to be captivating hearts once more as he appears on the Fox hit sitcom.

Get ready to explore those teenage fantasies once more as Adam Brody is set to play as Jess's ex, Berkeley-and we can perfectly understand why that is the case. Just like a match-made in heaven, the two make the cutest hipster couple-only that Brody is playing as Jess' ex-love affair.

The episode where Brody is to be featured will be aired on Feb. 4. He plays a hipster stay-at-home dad. In the episode sneak peek, Jess introduces Berkeley (Adam Brody) to her current fiance Nick to prove to him that exes can still remains as the best of friends after the latter ran into his own ex girl friend, Caroline (played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis).

For those who might be having ringing bells now with regard to the name 'Berkeley', O.C.  fans would know, this is where Seth Cohen's parents Sandy and Kirsten fell in love which led them to move back to their old house during the last episodes of the series.

"New Girl" will air an all-new episode guest starring Prince, on Feb 2, Sunday. Meanwhile, we will be seeing Adam Brody's pretty face on Feb. 4, at 9pm in his "New Girl" debut.

Meanwhile the former O.C. star's other film appearances includes his upcoming film "Welcome to the Jungle" with none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme. In an interview, Brody gushes over "The Expendables 2" actor in an interview with E! Online saying that "My seventh-grade self was freaking out. I've gotten to work with so many actors I really respect and look up to, but when I was in seventh grade, he was my hero, I worshipped him....... He wasn't an actor to me, he was a real-life superhero."

The former O.C. star is currently dating Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester. 

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