Actual Storage Figures: Apple's iPhone 5c 8GB Is Only 3.7GB Less Than Samsung's 16GB Galaxy S4

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Apple's iPhone 5c 8GB scaled down entry price by dropping 8GB storage. However, it ends up with only 3.7GB less room for apps, photos and user data as Samsung's 16GB Galaxy S4. Credit goes to efficient storage usage and less third party offers and bundles.

The Cupertino titan creates a lower price point in 8GB iPhone 5c for the sensitive markets like U.K. and China. It ships with 4.9GB for users to fill in. Its newly free iMovie, Garage Band, iWork and iPhoto apps overall weigh almost 3GB and user emails and photos can quickly fill it up.

Issues of mobile storage has been addressed by Apple with free iCloud service, allowing users to store music, App Store buys and videos in cloud so they can be retrieved when needed. Furthermore, PhotoStream captures the photos taken by users and creates an iCloud backup so that mobile owners with less storage can delete photos from their handsets.

Having big local storage is great, especially for those who download sophisticated games from the Apps Store which easily take 1GB or more space. Apple has been using various RAM capacities to create different price tiers of its products - from iPods to editions of iPad and iPhone, as consumers know that more storage is something to pay for in order to obtain.

However, when it comes to storage, the most important is the actual leftover space after the OS, trial ware, featured apps and other content are in; not the installed gigabyte figure being advertised.

For instance, Surface Pro hybrid tablet of Microsoft shipped with an amazing 64GB, but after Windows and other installed softwares, it is left with about 36 per cent of the installed storage for the user. On the contrary, Apple's iPad leaves 85 percent of its storage memory free for user content and apps.

In a report from January, among Apple phones, iPhone 5c outperforms a series of smartphones when it comes to how much storage is left for the user. Of all the 16B models, iPhone 5c left available 12.5GB for the user; while Android phones from HTC, LG and Sony ate up more gigabytes.

The worst offender was the best-selling Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S4, which ships with only 8.56GB for the user. The main reason: the maker's TouchWiz custom package, an extra software designed to brand the genetic Android feel.

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