Activist Adam Kokesh Arrested for Pro-Marijuana Protest in front of the White House (Video)

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Adam Kokesh, an Iraq veteran against the war, libertarian talk show host and controversial for his Washington March turned Fourth of July March was arrested again for a pro-marijuana protest, the IntelliHub reported.

Mr. Kokesh was arrested at the recently held pro cannabis protest where he was the one speaking on loudspeaker. He was alongside activists groups dubbed as "The New jersey Weed Man" and the "Joint Summit with President Choom." The name of these activists groups were reportedly allusion to President Obama's pet name when he was just in high school - a time when the president was so hooked on weed.

At first, the group of police manning the White House just observed Mr. Adam Kokesh as he smoked a joint in front of the white house. He then passed the lit joint around the people participating in the protest.

The police just watch as the lit marijuana was being passed around the people. Mr. Adam Kokesh then approached the police and extended handshakes with them, thanking the police for recognising the rights of the people to smoke weed.

However, when Mr. Kokesh lit another joint and passed it to a fellow activist, the police arrested him. He was seized by the same police he exchanged handshakes with and was hauled away from the public view.

Mr. Kokesh was then seen sitting on the ground peacefully while saying that he refused to surrender in the "kidnapping" that the police were doing. While all this was happening, the group of activists shouted "no victim, no crime, no victim, no crime".

Mr. Kokesh was then arrested. According to a post in Mr. Kokesh's Facebook account, he was then released a few hours after being arrested, following a strict timetable for people being arrested for marijuana. Police kept mum on the specifics of charges that Mr. Kokesh was arrested for.

Mr. Adam Kokesh was famous for his controversial strategy in staging and leading protests. In fact, one Facebook page was named "Execute Adam Kokesh for Sedition". The page alleged that Mr. Kokesh is a communist, capitalist Mossad agent with ties to the Muslim brotherhood.

In March 19, 2007, at the celebration of the 4th anniversary of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Kokesh and fellow Iraq Veteran Against the War members did an "occupation-like mock patro" of Washington, D.C.

In April of the same year, Mr. Kokesh protested the Iraq war by performing a ceremony of lost service member using an American flag.

In October of 2007, he protested the "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" being held at the George Washinton University for being racist and "Islamophobic."

On September 2008, Mr. Kokesh interrupted Senator John Mccain's acceptance speech by holding a sign that read: "McCain Votes Against Vets" and "You can't win an occupation". He was also yelling "Ask him why he votes against the vets!"

On May 28, 2011, Mr. Kokesh participated in a flash-mob silent dance at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.  to protest an act prohibiting against dancing in the said monument.

On May 2013, Mr. Kokesh was also arrested for his participation in the 5th iteration of a marijuana legalisation rally known as Smoke Down Prohibition.

His recent arrest in front of the White House was featured in this video:

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