Action-Packed Paul Walker Movie 'Brick Mansion' Trailer Released

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The film "Brick Mansions" is the last full movie made by Paul Walker before he unexpectedly died last 2013 is set to be released on April 25, 2014 with the new action-packed trailer up for views. The release of the trailer was only 3 months after the death of the "Fast and Furious" actor.

First look at the trailer, one could really tell that Walker was enjoying the scenes given this is the type of film he usually makes. "Brick Mansion" is an action crime drama that centers on Damien Collier (Walker), an undercover cop, who tries to take down a ruthless drug kingpin (played by RZA) who has abducted his girlfriend. This movie is a remake of the French thriller "District B13," according to MTV.

Damien tries to save the city of Detroit from the hands of the drug lord as he takes the whole city hostage by using a neutron bomb that is set to go off the minute he doesn't get his way. However, Damien is helped by an ex-con who will eventually help save the whole city from the clutches of the evil crime lord.

There are scenes where everyone will see Damien driving and racing a Mustang, which makes it all too ironic and eerie since the actor died in a car crash. The film also uses the sport Parkour which generally involves getting oneself from one point to the other with the use of one's body and the surroundings to propel from point A to B, according to Daily Mail.

David Bell, the person who helped invent the said sport will also star in the film as Lino the ex-con. He will be Damien's partner and the relationship may be a little strained at first but as the story progresses the two will eventually blend beautifully together.

The film promises great action and hard-core scenes that will take viewers on the edge of their seats. Although the sad part is that Paul Walker won't be able to attend the red carpet premiere of his movie and see his fans exclaim in excitement.

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