Access Your Computer From Android Phones And Tablets With Google's New 'Chrome Remote Desktop'

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Google is exploring the next big thing to provide a seamless interconnection and synchronization between devices to its users. Google launched its 'Chrome Remote Desktop' access service in 2011, but then it is coming to mobile via Android platform.

Google unveiled an Android app that will allow users to connect to their desktop computers. This is achieved by a Chrome web app for Mac, PC, and Linux or through Chrome OS itself. This brand new app is available to anyone with an Android phone or tablet. According to the search giant, an iOS version of the app is in the offing.

The earlier version of Google's 'Chrome Remote Desktop service' allows users to share their desktop's screen with other Chrome browser or Chromebook users.

In order to be able to make this new app work, users have to install a "helper application" on their desktop or laptop computer. This helper app is available in the Chrome Web Store and it works on Windows XP and above, Mac OS X 10.6 and above and also Linux-based systems.

The helper application will be installed as an extension to Google Chrome or the 'Chrome OS' that powers Chromebooks. Upon installing the app, users will be able to open the new Android app and connect to the devices, view and manage files and folders from anywhere. 

It is worth noting that, Amazon developed and launched a remote desktop access software of its own for enterprise users called 'Amazon Workspaces' in March. With this service, the company employees can access their work computers from any device; that includes Kindle Fire HDX tablets, Android, Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad. Also Microsoft added a native remote desktop service in Windows 8.0. There are apps available for both iOS and Android users.

But then, Google's Chrome Remote Desktop packs many qualities that should appeal to both home based and professional target audience. As TechCrunch puts it, "the company once was touting the service as a way to be the family hero by "adjusting printer settings on your mom's computer to finding a lost file on your dad's laptop."

In addition to the Chrome Remote Desktop launched in 2011, Google added a remote desktop feature in Google Hangouts in 2013.

Interested Android users can download the 'Chrome Remote Desktop' access app from Google Play Store.

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