$98 Shirt You Can Wear 100 Days Without Washing

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In 2011, a college student from the University of Alberta, Josh Le, were only one pair of jeans for 15 months and to his surprise found that the germ level of the garment was not worrisome.

Could the same thing be said of shirts?

A shirt manufacturer, Wool&Prince, said it has made a wool button-down shirt that one can wear for days without wrinkling, smelling or showing any dirt. The firm hired 15 shirt testers who were surprised that whatever they did, the shirt still looks like it just came from the dry cleaners.

The 15 engaged in different activities wearing the shirt such as backpacking in the Andres and dancing in New York City clubs.

Wool&Prince also showed a video of its founder, named Mac, who wore the shirt for 100 days without any undershirt, while talking with random people for their feedback on the button-down topwear.

The secret appears to be the material used which are fine wool thread and used wool science to deal with temperature, wicking, thread dynamics and cotton comparison.

The company pointed out that wool lasts six times longer than cotton and has naturally anti-wrinkle and odour-fighting properties. Wool fibres resist tearing and can bend back more than 20,000 times without breaking versus 3,200 bends for cotton after which the fabric breaks.

The $98 shirt, which Wool&Prince developed for 6 months, has elicited both positive and negative feedback in Gizmondo.

NorthernRoamer suggested using the same material to create long-term use socks since his pair starts to reek if he wore them for several weeks. Similarly, SkipErnst made the same suggestion for underwear since his current ones last only for two weeks without changing.

Others were criticising that the trial sizes were in size XL only, which leaves out the plus size men. Some found the price tag too expensive.

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