9-Year-Old Banned in U.S. School for Shaving Head for Friend Suffering from Cancer

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Sgt Lyyjoki of the San Diego Sheriff's Department takes part in a Shave-a-Thon in San Diego, California
Sergeant Rey E. Lyyjoki of the San Diego Sheriff's Department reacts as he takes part in a Shave-a-Thon, where officers had their heads shaved to help raise money for the St. Baldrick's Foundation and juvenile cancer in San Diego, California March 4, 2014. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Kamryn Renfro, 9, was banned from her school when she shaved her head. She was accused of violating the dress code. On the other hand, all Kamryn was trying to do was to support her 11-year-old friend Delaney Clements suffering from cancer. [Check Photo of Kamryn with shaven head]

The incident took place in Caprock Academy in Colorado, U.S. Kamryn wanted to support her friend who lost all her hair due to chemotherapy. Kamryn did not want her friend to "feel left out." That was why she too shaved her head. However, when she went to school on Monday, March 24, she was banned, NewsChannel5 from Colorado reported.

Delaney's mother Wendy Campbell spoke to NBC News9 and said that she was not aware that hair happened to be such a significant aspect of a child at school. The channel was able to get a statement which addressed the dress code policy of the school. The school claims to have a "detailed dress code policy." The policy was apparently created to promote "safety, uniformity, and a non-distracting environment." Shaving heads is "not permitted," according to Catherine Norton Breman, the president of the board of directors. At the same time, the school admitted that there could be exceptions to the rules.

Delaney was upset because her friend who wanted to support her struggle against cancer was discouraged by the school. She said that her friend Kamryn was "really happy" to show people at school what she did for her friend. Kamryn was sad that she was not allowed to do so. Kamryn's mother told 9NEWS that the school asked her daughter to get back to school on Tuesday. She said on Monday night that the board of directors apparently planned to have a discussion on the dress code.

Kamryn said that she had felt that shaving her head was the "right thing to do." Her friend Delaney is suffering from neuroblastoma, a type of cancer which children suffer from. Delaney said that she felt "special" after Kamryn shaved her head. She said she thought that she was not alone.

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