9 Jailbreaking Tools: Features Comparison

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At the yearly HITB Security Conference in Malaysia in October, familiar and new faces participated in the iOs jailbreak discussion. The appearance of known experts such as iPhone Dev-Team members @MuscleNerd and @planetbeing and Chronic Dev-Team member @pod 2g as well as unknowns such as Azimuth founder Mark Dows aka @mdowd, are indicators of how popular jailbreaking has become.

While the Apple iPad Mini and iPhone 5 features the latest iOS and lots of improvement in both software and hardware, these devices and other iOS mobile ones hold several limitations to users such as customisation, application download, and other things enjoyed by other operating platforms.

Thus, jailbreaking of the latest iOS mobile devices are booming thanks to developers who wants more than what is offered, plus the effect of the latest technology with the Jailbreak tool. The effect would likely more or less be similar to that of rooting for Android which gives owners more control over the device.

iOS mobile devices have been launched as iPhone, iPod, and iPad which is matched by the number of Jailbreaking tools available for download that are free for trial.

Below is a comparison of the features of 9 Jailbreaking tools in the market.

The Red Snow: One of the tools that is constantly updated by its developers and a popular tool for Jailbreaking iOS.

  • Cross compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows
  • Saves SHSH blobs
  • Creates custom IPSW (firmware files)
  • Fixes recovery mode loops
  • Restoration to downgrade iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Identification for iPhone's IMEI number, serial number, and model number
  • Backing up of files
  • Ticket feature allows restoration of backed up files
  • DFU IPSW which still allows user to use DFU mode, even if the home button is broken, by creating a custom IPSW
  • Execution of terminal commands while running Red Snow
  • Boot logo modification

SnowBreeze: Jailbreaking tool that existed since iOS 3 firmware generation and still being developed. It can be used for Jailbreaking iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV 2G. SnowBreeze is limited to older versions which have A4 chip installed.

  • Creates custom iOS firmware files
  • Terminal commands free to create custom firmware files
  • iFaith mode - downgrades iOS without Jailbreaking it
  • Simple mode - preJailbreak IPSW process
  • Expert mode - customisation like root partition and selecting pre-installed packages
  • Baseband preservation mode - Jailbreak free firmware update without updating the baseband

GreenPoison: A one-click Jailbreaking solution tool developed by Chronic Dev. It simply consists of one screen with a Jailbreak button with capability to Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV.

  • User-friendly tool designed for the purpose of Jailbreak only
  • Cross platform compatibility to Mac OS X and Windows
  • Compatible to older devices and firmware
  • Jailbreaking without any data lose
  • Untethered Jailbreak only for safe iOS device function after being Jailbroken

Pwnage Tool: Dated back since the 1st generation firmware and still maintained by the iPhone Dev-Team. Pwnage can be used to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV 2G with limits to iOS devices featuring A4 chipset.

  • Greater Jailbreak customisation
  • Pwnage Tool is only compatible with Mac OS X, its Windows version is the SnowBreeze. Both clones are maintained by different developers.
  • Removes baseband update for unlockers
  • Restoration is a must

JailbreakMe: The easiest among other Jailbreaking tools which allows the user to Jailbreak using the Web site Jailbreakme.com. The Web site supports Jailbreaking of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with a simple tap of the button for Jailbreaking.

  • Jailbreaks iPad 2
  • Great for newbie who has never experienced Jailbreaking
  • Untethered Jailbreak only
  • Web site-based Jailbreaking process

SeasOnPass: A Jailbreaking tool designed for the Apple TV, created and maintained by the FireCore Dev-Team.

  • Cross platform compatibility with Mac OS X and Windows
  • Restores the factory settings of the Apple TV once Jailbroken

LimeRa1n: Developed by George Hotz, known for the first hardware unlock of the iPhone leading to developments of numerous Jailbreaks of iOS.

  • A simple Jailbreaking tool without complicated features
  • Can Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Good for direct Jailbreaking purpose
  • Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows
  • Untethered support only

BlackRa1n: Another tool developed by George Hotz which focuses on iOS devices running 3.1, 3.1.1, and 3.1.2 versions. This Jailbreaking tool takes advantage of a flaw in the USB code of iOS devices running iOS 3 firmware.

  • Supports iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 1G, and iPod Touch 2G
  • iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 2G are tethered Jailbreaks
  • One-click Jailbreaking solution
  • Mac OS X and Windows compatible
  • No data lose after Jailbreak
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