84-Year-Old NSW Man Beats Large Armed Intruders

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Octogenarian Ernie Whitfield of New South Wales is considered strong for his age. Similar men in the same age bracket would probably be confined in a convalescent home, wheelchair-bound or walking with the aid of a cane.

However, at 84, Mr Whitfield even beat intruders who entered his home armed with a hammer and a knife taken from Mr Whitfield's kitchen and demanded money.

Reports said Mr Whitfield was sleeping at his home in Port Macquarie when the two intruders entered his house on Saturday morning at about 2 a.m. One of them is a heavy-built guy and the other was described as a tall person measuring about 205 centimetres tall. The two had dark-hooded jumpers and their faces were concealed.

The octogenarian pointed to his wallet and tried to get out of bed to get the money purse, but one of the intruders pushed him and hit his arm with a pole. Mr Whitfield engaged the two armed men and even broke the blade off the knife, which he used to stab one of them while the latter was attempting to hit the old man with the hammer.

He then disarmed the intruder with the pole, but they managed to flee with Mr Whitfield's wallet. He called for help and was heard by neighbour Judy Hodge, who came to his assistance.

In the scuffle with the intruders, Mr Whitfield suffered cuts to his head and leg, so he was brought to the Port Macquarie Hospital for treatment by the emergency services that responded to the call for help.

Mr Whitfield is not the only octogenarian who could do unusual things at his age. Here are other examples of 84-year-old men posted in YouTube who could do other unusual things.

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