84-Year-Old Grandpa Plays Black Ops 2 and Halo 4, Video Going Viral

YouTube viewers delighted to see gramps having fun

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A video of an 84-year-old grandfather playing Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 with his grandchildren is going viral on YouTube. The candid footage, uploaded only three days ago, has since received over 600,000 views.

84-Year-Old Grandpa Plays Black Ops 2 and Halo 4, Video Going Viral(Image: YouTube/GrandpaPlaysGames)

"It's frozen, it won't move," Grandpa says at the beginning of the video. Viewers then hear the voice of his grandkids helping out. Later, the adorable grandpa gets into game and proudly faces the camera to say, "I got him!" He is visibly having fun, shrieking and jumping off his seat as he goes on playing.

The video drew varied comments. Some users said they couldn't wipe the smile off their face while watching. Others were concerned about grandpa's health. (Is he fit enough for the thrill of the game?) Some others wished their grandpa is just as "cool" to try out their favorite games, too.

The video was uploaded by user GrandpaPlaysGames. The YouTube video description goes:

"We invited our 84-year old grandpa to play some Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 with us... we never thought he'd react like this!! Hope you laugh as hard as we did, share with friends and family!!!"

VIRAL: 'Granpa plays video games' drew mixed reactions

Here are some of the comments left by viewers on YouTube:

Awesome gramp!" - astalope

its good to see the old folks having a great time :) - Brendan Bunnah

Thats awesome! My grandpa played one of those Wii dance games one time with a younger cousin... I was laughing for days. - acoates101

But look at him! He is so healthy, jumping all over the sofa and celebrating his wins... I don't think a little more jumps would do much harm :) - seusgordo (in reaction to a fears of heart attack by another user)

Follow this link to watch the video. (GrandpaPlaysGames has left an explicit message to ask for his consent before using the video and IB Times Australia would like to honor that. We will embed the video once he got back to us with consent.)

VIDEO: Grandpa comments on video game

Here's another video of a grandfather "bonding" with his grandson over a video game, from ShabangoProductions.

This one did not go viral. Comparing this video to GrandpaPlaysGames' tells the viewer what YouTube users find entertaining.

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