8 Things You Should Know About Amazon Fire Phone

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Amazon Representative Shows Off the 3D Map Features of the Company's New Fire Smartphone at the Company's Campus in Seattle
IN PHOTO: An Amazon representative shows off the 3D map features of the company's new Fire smartphone at the company's campus in Seattle, Washington June 18, 2014. Amazon.com Inc's new cellphone seeks to offer shoppers instant gratification by recognizing thousands of products, television shows and songs and allowing users to immediately buy them - on the e-commerce giant's own site, of course. REUTERS

Amazon's Fire Phone, the company's first handset, is set for release on July 25. With this milestone, techradar listed certain features to give a better understanding about the phone.


Fire Phone cost starts at $199 or AU$213 for 32 GB, which includes a two-year agreement with exclusive carrier AT&T. But it is expensive at $649 or AU$691 if the contract is avoided. Similarly, the 64 GB version runs $299.99 or AU$320 on contract and $749.99 or AU$798 without the contract.

Release Date

Currently, Fire Phone is available for the U.S. customers only. They can pre-order from the Amazon's Web site but the product will only be delivered by July 25. But it is unclear when the phone will be available worldwide.


The phone has a Firefly button placed on the lefthand side of the device. When pressed, the user can easily identify things like the number of products sold by Amazon. It can recognize 245,000 movies and TV episodes along with 160 live television channels and 35 million songs from the Amazon music.

Dynamic Perspective

Fire Phone comes with a custom-designed sensor system called Dynamic Perspective, which responds to the user's action and motion. Instead of tapping on apps, the menus and shortcuts can be called up without touching the screen.


Amazon's device customer service Mayday is included in the Fire Phone which provides free, live tech support in 15 seconds or less. Mayday executive is available 24 hours x 7 days without any appointment. As part of AT&T partnership, Mayday support will also be in 4G LTE cellular network with normal data charges.


Amazon's camera moves ahead of Samsung and Apple as it includes the feature of optical image stabilization with 13 MP image sensor at the back that produces "crisp, beautiful images" and 1080p HD video. The phone has a 2.1 MP front camera long with four low-power infrared cameras at each corner. Amazon provides free, unlimited cloud storage for full resolution pictures with automatic video backup.

Apps And Games

Fire Phone offers Amazon's own built-in apps, which include Messaging, Maps, Weather and along with more than 240,000 titles available from the App Store.


The phone runs with 2.2 GHz quadcore Snapdragon 800 processor with 2 GB RAM with 330 graphics for fluid video and gaming playback. It is 4.7-inch HD with ultra bright display and promises 22 hours of talk time, 285 hours of standby, 65 hours of audio or 11 hours of video playback.

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