8 Oppo Find 7 50 MP Camera Captures Leaked; Aperture f/2.0 Matches Sony Xperia Z2?

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Oppo Find 7 50 MP rear camera was teased online with a single image, but new capture samples have emerged on what the device can do with photography. It's expected to be released on March 19th at Beijing, China.

New Image Samples

Last week, GSMArena caught a single-shot sample from Oppo Find 7 which leaked the huge 50 MP rear camera lens. The image was uploaded from Weibo with photo resolution of 8160 x 6120 and captured by Oppo Find 7 according to the EXIF data. At that time, it was impossible to compare the capture from Oppo Find 7 due to limited information.

Now, eight images have been posted at WebTrek including the initial leaked last week. Oppo Find 7 demonstrated various lighting conditions from eight images such as under broad daylight, artificial lighting and indoor low-light scene. The image captures are decent enough to present good colour definition, great details on a focused subject and a fair amount of details using multi-focus.

Aside from the 50 MP camera lens rating, it also features a wide aperture of f/2.0 that decent enough to capture more lights, but not as wide compared with iPhone 4S having f/2.4.

Interested buyers will have two choices as Oppo will release it in two versions having different resolutions.

Aperture Differences

Oppo Find 7 boasts of 50 MP rear camera to compete against the 8 MP of iPhone 5S, 13 MP of G2, 16 MP of Galaxy S5 and 20.7 MP from Xperia Z2. However, megapixel only emphasizes resolution and cropping of the image and it doesn't mean everything about making great captures.

Aperture is the hole that light travels in order to make an image on a camera sensor and the bigger the aperture, the more light passes.

Oppo Find 7 features aperture of f/2.0 which fair enough to get sufficient light based on the leaked photos. But other flagship smartphones have bigger apertures compared to Find 7.

Smartphone Model

Camera Megapixel

Camera Aperture

Apple iPhone 5

8 MP



13 MP


Samsung Galaxy S5

16 MP


Sony Xperia Z2

20.7 MP


Based on the table, Oppo Find 7 matches Xperia Z2's aperture and beats the megapixel, however, Sony installed their trademark G lens, BIONZ image processor an Exmor RS camera sensor which can be challenging to Oppo Find 7.

While the other three beats the aperture of Oppo Find 7 and capture images better in terms of capturing enough light by default. Camera megapixel and aperture size are just two tricks on a smartphone camera, users are expected to play with it using various camera modes, scene modes and more. 

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