8 Most Shocking Photographs of the World [PHOTOS]

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We have seen wars, natural disasters and political calamities for centuries in the past. There have been many instances when a single photograph shocked the entire world with its intensity and human value.

A recent example is when Victoria Berekmeri displayed her photograph of a child birth. The world is divided in two parts while some find it 'too confronting' and some others find it creative. However, there is no denying the fact is that the photo is definitely shocking. Here are some of the most shocking photographs in the history.

Loyalist Militiaman (Photographer: Robert Capa)

This photograph was taken September 5, 1936. Federico Garcia, an anarchist, was identified as the person in the photograph.

Child Crawling (Photographer: Kevin Carter)

South African journalist-photographer Kevin Carter took this photograph in Sudan. Carter was criticized for taking the photograph instead of doing something for the child. Carter committed suicide later out of depression.

Saigon Execution (Photographer: Eddie Adams)

Eddie Adams captured the atrocious nature of the Vietnam War and its ruthless character.

Defending the Barricade (Photographer: Oded Balilty)

Oded Balilty took this moving picture which won him the Pulitzer Prize. The photograph shows the heroism of a woman who had the courage to fight against the militia alone.

Uganda (Photographer: Mike Wells)

Mike Wells' photograph shows the abnormally thin hand of one Ugandan Boy. The hand was held by some missionary. The photograph is shocking as it reminds us that we live in a world where so much inequality exists.

White Colored (Photographer: Elliott Erwitt)

Symbolizing the South African apartheid, Elliott Erwitt's photograph shows the discrimination the South African people faced during those times.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy (Photographer: Raghu Rai)

Raghu Rai, a prominent Indian Photojournalist, took this photograph during a chemical disaster at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh (India). This 1984 photograph was exhibited for extending support toward the survivors.

The Corpse of Che Guevara (Photographer: Freddy Alborta)

Freddy Alborta's photograph has a strange similarity with Jesus taken off the cross. This photograph was responsible for people adopting the famous slogan called "Che Lives".

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