8 Good Reasons for a Fast Windows 8.1 Upgrade

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Microsoft has just released Windows 8.1 and PC users running Windows 8 -- those who are capable to do so -- have plenty of reasons to upgrade to the latest version. Windows 8.1 not only fixes some unpopular design selection such as the return of the start button, it also introduces a lot of useful tools. You can also install Windows 8 without having to ditch Windows 7.

 Microsoft, YouTube.com/Windows
8 Good Reasons for a Fast Windows 8.1 Upgrade. Photo credit: Microsoft, YouTube.com/Windows

The latest version definitely deserves a good look. Microsoft's promises with Windows 8 like the cloud integration are fully delivered in version 8.1. The touch-first modern UI is also friendlier with a convenient option to boot up direct to your desktop.

Here are the Top 8 reasons for Windows 7, XP and Vista users to dive into Windows 8.1:

1.       Turbocharged Search

A very convenient feature is the ability to search for content, settings, apps and even the Internet just by typing keywords on the Start screen. This is in collaboration with Smart Search that's powered by Bing. Not only that, the search calls up facts, photos, maps and even relevant links on a visually-oriented page.

2.       Automatic App Updates

Are you sick of how many times you need to update each and all of your apps at a time? Finally with Windows 8.1, apps are automatically updated in the background so the Windows Store will stop screaming for pending updates, if your pending work tasks aren't even enough yet.

3.       Takes Less Storage

Even if Windows 8.1 offers more new features, users will be surprised to win back 8-15% of their device storage. Microsoft reports it uses a significantly smaller storage footprint than the previous versions.

4.       Improved Multi Tasking

Windows 8 introduced, Snap, the feature that allows the user to open multiple app screens simultaneously but limited only to two windows and one standard size. The updated version now lets the user resize the windows and truly have multiple windows, having a web browser, email, Skype and all that shiz at the same time.

5.       Improved Multi Monitor Support

In Windows 8.1, tablets are more flexible as users can now better control how content renders on the second display. Windows tablets have powerful computing capabilities but the screens are not really large that's why external screens are important for the users.

6.       Enhanced SkyDrive integration

One of the many advantages of Cloud storage is the ability of users to access their files from anywhere, share it and don't take up space on their device. In the updated Windows 8.1, SkyDrive is the default place to save new files and Microsoft has improved mechanisms on the backend to make sure the system sees the documents as local files in searches, etc.

7.       FB App

Most users are on Facebook and interact on the social network through apps. Windows 8.1 enables the users to run the official Facebook app for Windows. This still has room for improvement but the response is fast and the interface takes the users to parts of Facebook that they may have overlooked in the past.

8.       All live tiles

Windows 8.1 introduces two sizes for live tiles: a small square for regular tiles and a big one great for glanceable apps. Microsoft's design philosophy is evolving and this feature is perfect not only for power users who want shortcuts on their screens, but also for the aesthetic kinds.

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