8 Best Diets of 2013; 3 Worst Diets of 2012

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Like other New Years, Jan 1, 2013 started with many people including going on a diet in their New Year's Resolutions. Some will fail in their diets while others may succeed in the next 12 months.

Besides the temptation to indulge in sinful and mouth-watering gustatory delights and the spirit being willing, but the flesh being weak, one reason why people give up on their diet resolutions is that they chose bad diets.

To help people start 2013 right, health and food experts have come up with a list of bad diets in 2012 to avoid this year and 8 good alternatives.

3 Worst Diets

A survey by the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) showed that 230 members pinpointed these three as the worst diets from a list of nine popular diets in 2012.

1.     Lemon Detox Diet

It is a 10-day holistic naturopathic journey to better health, claimed the author of the book, Dr KA Beyer. It consists of taking nothing for 10 days, except laxative tea, salt water which flushes and a mixture of lemon, water, maple or natural tree syrup and cayenne pepper.

Melanie McGrice of the DAA pointed out that one weakness of this diet is that 24 hours without protein and calcium can damage muscle tissue and bones.

2.     Acid and Alkaline Diet

It is based on the principle that too much acid in the body breeds disease, hence the diets recommends alkaline food such as green, leafy vegetables, bananas and oatmeals, while eschewing some fruits and veggies, dairy, most meats, caffeine and alcohol.

Ms McGrice said these types of diet just add confusion about food since some food on the chopping block are really healthy. This diet sends the wrong message.

3.     Six Weeks to OMG Diet

Among the components of this diet, according to author Venice Fulton, are black coffee for breakfast, cold showers and avoiding fruit because of its fructose content. He also claimed broccoli carbs could be worse than soda carbs because the human body does not treat carbohydrates differently.

Dietitian Tara Di Versi emphasised that it takes about 3 kilogrammes of broccoli to get the same carbs as a can of soda.

8 Best Diets of 2013

This list is based on analysis of statistics of 29 diets made by an independent panel of 20 experts in the U.S. Among the basis of their assessment are the diet's ease of compliance, diabetes control and management, heart health, weight loss, safety and nutritional completeness.

1.     Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) - Best Overall Diet

It was developed by the U.S. government to encourage lower intake of sodium and higher intake of nutrients to lower blood pressure. On the second place is the TLC Diet and tied for third place are the Mediterranean Diet, Mayo Clinic Diet and Weight Watchers.

2.     Mediterranean Diet - Best Plant-based Diet

It emphasises healthy fats, fruits and vegetables.

3.     Weight Watchers Diet - Best Weight-Loss Diet

4.     Omish Diet - Best Heart-Healthy Diet

5.     DASH Diet - Best Diabetes Diet

6.     Weight Watchers - Best Commercial Diet Plan

7.     DASH Diet - Best Diet for Healthy Eating

8.     Weight Watchers - Easiest Diet to Follow

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