7,000 Tickets to The Advance Screening of 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Premiere from HBO Up for Grabs, Tickets on Sale on March 6

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Fans who cannot wait until April 6 for the new season of "Game of Thrones" should take note. HBO is going to give 7,000 fans the chance to be part of an advanced screening of the Season 4 premiere to be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on March 20.

On March 4, HBO had announced a chance for fans to watch the screening of the "Game of Thrones" Season 4 premiere two weeks ahead of other avid fans. HBO is going to put up 7,000 tickets for sale on Ticketmaster on March 6 for $15 each. That's two days for fans to line up on Ticketmaster.

HBO understands some fans are already incensed to watch the first episode of the new season, especially after three teasers and 18 posters featuring the characters of the famous were released last week.

Lucky fans will actually get the chance to watch the show two weeks ahead of everyone! Not to mention, two weeks of no tossing and turning wishing the time could speed up just to see Daenerys Targaryan's dragons again, or Tyrion trapped in a dungeon and wondering how he would get out.

The lucky fans will not only be ahead of everyone, but they will also see the Iron Throne in the flesh, as well as the costumes and props that have been used during filming. No one will call himself a fan of "Game of Thrones" if he does not get excited by this. If $15 seems too expensive, they should think of it this way. Not only will the fans get to see the premiere ahead of time; their money will also be put into good use because proceeds from this sale will be donated to charities Nothing but Nets and Books for Africa, according to Mashable.com.

If however, you still cannot watch the advance screening of the premiere, below are some of the new season's teasers to tide you over.

And here's a teaser on Tyrion's stint on the dungeons.

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