7 Year Old Stuns Judges in ‘Norway’s got Talent’ TV Show – Video Goes Viral [Watch Video]

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A 7-year-old stunned the judges at the "Norway's got Talent" TV show. The girl chose to sing Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday. The video of her performance has gone viral on YouTube with many more people expressing their surprise at the extraordinary performance.

The girl named Angelina got a standing ovation from the audience and the judges for her incredible performance. The judges had a lot of cross talk when the performance began and immediately started to follow the little girl's song.

The Gloomy Sunday viral video has already got more than 2.5 million views. After winning some praise from the judges before their decision, Angelina got the unanimous approval from the judges to move on to the next round in the talent show.

Some question the choice of the song Gloomy Sunday by the little girl in the viral video and wonder whether she understood the lyrics she was singing and the deeper meaning they hold. Many feel that the girl only sang from the heart, focussing on getting to sound right.

The song Gloomy Sunday is also known as the Hungarian suicide song. The lyrics of the song point to death. One of the composers of the song wrote it in memory of his dead girlfriend and reportedly committed suicide after the song was released.

Some reports suggest that several suicides linked to the song got Gloomy Sunday banned in both Hungary and in the U.S. The song was written in the 1930s and it is still unclear if it was actually banned. The song was available to the U.S Jazz fans by the mid 1930s.

Reactions are pouring in for the viral video with some people asking if it is wise to allow a 7-year-old to sing so passionately about suicide. Many however disagree with this line of thinking and advice people with such views to look at the talent of the cheerful looking girl.

Many of the viewers think that the girl has the perfect voice for Jazz music and in a few years she could become an unstoppable star. The Gloomy Sunday viral video may be the first step in stardom for the little girl.

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