7-Year Old Buried Alive By 'Family' Crawls Out From Under The Ground

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A 7-year old girl was reportedly buried alive by her so-called family. However, she managed to keep breathing long enough to cry for help until a passerby saw and rescued her.

Alok Kumar, a native of the Maanpur village in the neighbouring Sitapur district, found the young girl buried alive, India Today reports. Tanu, from Uttar Pradesh, India, was rescued by Kumar as he was passing by his fields on Monday evening. Apparently, the girl was crying out for help. When he approached the voice, he saw to his surprise that the soil was moving in the girl's attempt to crawl out.

He reported the he quickly dug the ground and saw Tanu who was barely unconscious. He brought her to a nearby Maanpur police station after giving her a bath and a change of clothes.

The 7-year old was found to have some strangulation marks on her neck, the report continues. When Tanu was able to regain consciousness, she told police officials about her family.

Apparently, the little girl, who is a native of Semri Gaura village, has been living with her mother, Renu Awasthi, in the Hariomnagar of Madiyon (Lucknow). Immediately, police traced her home with the help of Lucknow police and learned from neighbours, that Renu had reportedly left her in a nearby school on Aug. 5. However, the Daily Mail adds both mother and daughter have not been seen in their village since Aug. 20. Their house was also discovered to be locked.

Finally, the police filed a case at the Maanpur police station in hopes of finding the person responsible for burying the 7-year old alive. Sitapur investigators reportedly went around the Semri Gaura village questioning neighbours by showing them Tanu's photo. Some revealed they saw the little girl with a man and a woman a few days before she was found trying to crawl out of the ground.

According to the Daily Mail, Tanu also revealed that her "aunt" and uncle" had taken her with them and strangled her before burying her alive.

"Tanu has told us that a couple took her with them a few days ago and tried to strangulate her. They later buried her in the field. She, however, could not recognise them," Sitapur police chief Rajesh Krishna told the Daily Mail.

Fortunately, thanks to media coverage, Tanu's maternal grandmother, Rajrani, saw the news on TV and approached the police.

 "Renu came back to us after a few months of her marriage and stayed with us after that. About 15 days ago, Renu left our house along with Tanu without informing anyone," she said.

Tanu has since been discharged from the Community Health Centre and now lives with her grandmother. As for Renu, police officials are still on the lookout for her since she has reportedly been missing since Aug. 20.

Source: YouTube/World News&EveryThing AbouT Life

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