7 Most Refreshing Beer Gardens Australia Is Truly Proud Of

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If you are a beer drinker and you want to experience gulping down your ice cold beer with a countryside backdrop and away from the city, then here are the best beer gardens that can be found Down Under.

1. Wheatsheaf Hotel in Thebarton, SA

If you want to go back to genuine "Wheaty" sense of fashion, then witness the original façade of the 1920s era in this classic beer garden in Thebarton. If you want to get away from the chaos that the main city brings to your everyday, enjoy good beer and live music here without all the gadgets and television sets.

2. Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle, WA

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Want something laid back? Then this beer garden is the perfect place to the Pale Ale and enjoys the peace of a backyard setting, while the sunshine touches your face. You also get to have a view of the ocean and even described by the experts as old school beer garden in its own right.

3. College Lawn Hotel in Prahran, Victoria

 This is considered a hidden gem found in the back streets of Prahran. The garden that is drenched freshly with the sun can accommodate up to 200 people. It is truly a garden that is well manicured.

4. Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel in Queensland

In this island, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Coral Sea by 180 degrees. This is such a perfect Australian beer garden that will help take your mind off the city.

5. Courthouse in Newtown, NSW

This beer garden has a nickname of Courty and brings the feel of the countryside to the city. It has a huge hibiscus tree in the middle and a balcony where you can look over the entire beer garden.

6. Goldmines Hotel in Bendigo, Victoria

When you get to this beer garden, you'd feel the same as striking gold. It is beautifully landscaped and considered a heritage hotel at 156 years old.

7. Opera Bar at Circular Quay, right next to the Sydney Opera House

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This is the beer garden where you can join in a crowd usually composed of opera goers, several tourists and a lot of drinkers who just want to relax after work. This is one funky beer garden and bar you should not miss giving you an overlooking view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

So which beer gardens do you think will visit the next time around in Australia?

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