7 Killer Samsung Galaxy S5 Functionalities

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5 REUTERS/Albert Gea

Samsung Galaxy S5 is probably the most awaited handset in 2014. With its incredible design and features, it is definitely a standout.

Galaxy S5 is likely to be one of the best-selling devices this year. Even though the competition for Samsung is quite fierce with Apple, HTC, LG and Sony, packing incredible feature-after-feature in their flagships, Samsung gobbles down a big chunk of market share worldwide.

Here we have listed down several points unique to Samsung Galaxy S5:

Prolonged Battery Life With Power-Saving Mode

When Samsung Galaxy S5's battery charge goes down, users have an option to put their handset on "power saving mode." Enabling this option, this feature blocks the colors on the screen to black and white. Also, it cuts down the background processes and limits access to apps. Samsung Galaxy S5 can last for 24 hours on standby with a charge of 10% in its "power-saving mode." Technically, a fully charged battery can provide a week of standby time.

Pay Using Fingerprint Scanner

Although iPhone 5S is touted for its efficient fingerprint scanner touch ID, the feature cannot be used to do more except for unlocking the phone and authenticating App Store purchases. Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner can do much more. Samsung struck a deal with PayPal allowing the user to pay for goods with the scanner. Samsung can be expected to partner with many more companies in the future to make secure payments via finger print scanners, according to reports.

Expandable Storage

The handicap of Apple's iPhone series has always been the storage space. In the advent of users storing apps, videos, music and other contents, the limited 16 GB that comes with iPhone is hardly impressive.

Also, Apple charges $200 more for an extra 48 GB of storage on their iPhones. On the other hand, a microSD card with 64 GB of storage can be purchased for $50 outright. This is where the Samsung Galaxy S5's in-built microSD slot comes handy.

Access Restriction Option

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a "Kids Mode" allowing the user to flag apps as kids-friendly, restricting access to many important and exclusive items/apps/data in the smartphone.

Phone Doubles as a Remote

Apple TV can be controlled by Apple's iPhone that doubles as a remote, but iPhone cannot control any other device. Also, there are many third-party apps that can do the job of controlling devices. But Samsung took this "remote control" thing to the next level by providing a "built-in infrared blaster" that can control any media device that uses a standard IR remote.

Full HD Streaming Experience

Apple iPhone's comparatively smaller screen does not provide the terrific experience a user gets out of watching a full HD video on Samsung Galaxy S5 handset. The screen resolution of iPhone is only a 1,136 x 640 unit when compared to Galaxy S5's 1,920 x 1,080 pixel strength.

Water-Proof Body

This probably is the best and striking feature out of all because users will have no idea when they will be in for a shock when their phones accidentally slips into water. Samsung Galaxy S5 can endure water spillage (even a plunge) with no damage to the handset. The handset is certified to be water-resistant for 30 minutes at a depth of up to 3 feet, according to BGR. But iPhones cannot survive this litmus test.

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