7 Good Deals from T-Mobile, AT&T: Smartphones for Less Than $199

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Too many mobile devices have saturated the market and all of these came from different brands. Anyone can purchase a new mobile device from a network carrier using a plan or from a retail store to get an open-line. But with the increasing need for internet usage, primarily 3G, network carriers make good deals with the latest smartphones in the package, such as the seven offers from two major telecom service providers.

T-Mobile Latest Deals and Packages

1.     Samsung Galaxy S3 - Pebble Blue with 32GB storage

Comes with latest Galaxy flagship device from Samsung in Pebble Blue tone and access to the T-Mobile 4G technology. It is currently in "Limited Time" offer and also in limited time offered in the Web. The package starts at $149.00

2.     HTC One S - Gradient Blue

Another device under "Limited Time" offer with 4G network access is the HTC One S. It is a Web-only offer which starts at $99.00.

3.     Samsung Galaxy S II - White Refurbished

For a free Galaxy device, this may be a good bet. Galaxy S2 is known for its slim body and comes with 4G speed from T-Mobile. Aside from its "free" offer, the activation charge is also waived.

4.     LG Optimus L9 Prepaid - Onyx Black

This 4.5-inch device from LG is offered by T-Mobile starting from $199.00. It comes in Onyx Black tone and with 4G access as well.

AT&T Special Offers and Deals

1.     Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

AT&T offers this Galaxy S2 variant called Skyrocket for $0.99 under a 2-year contract. It comes in two colors, and AT&T can deliver it overnight without any shipment charges.

2.     HTC One X

One of the most powerful devices produced by HTC is featured in AT&T for $0.99 under a 2-year contract. The promo on the Web-only offer is for HTC One X Gray only, but too bad, it's currently out of stock.

3.     Nokia Lumia 920

The flagship carrier of the Nokia today comes with a $99.99 price tag within a 2-year contract. The model feature sPureView technology and PureMotion HD+ display. AT&T can arrange free overnight shipping for the Nokia Lumia 920.

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