7 Features of a Speculated Facebook Phone

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Facebook dashed this week rumours that it will roll out a smartphone which will possibly challenge the iPhone. Instead, the most popular social networking site rolled out the graph search.

On Thursday, Facebook announced another new feature that provides members the ability to make calls using the site's messaging app - in effect converting Facebook into a sort of a free phone. The app features a new free calling button for U.S. users which the company beta tested initially in Canada this month.

Despite the denial of a Facebook smartphone, speculations would likely go on and these features are what many FB fans would want to see in such a device.

1.     Games and Apps

Farmville, Sims and Dragon City are just some of FB applications a user can allow in their pages to play freely. The games usually need more friends to gain more access to other in-game features; thus, paid items come to mind if only necessary. Other applications such as Horoscope, Pinterest, and Badoo are also available in Facebook.

2.     The Timeline

This controversial Facebook interface comes with a profile photo, a cover photo, and stories in chronological order which can be shared, starred, or hidden, exploration of activity logs, and apps notifications.


3.     News Feed

If the Timeline is what a guest sees in a member's profile page, the News Feed is the personal view of activities from friends, likes, and apps. Any posts in the News Feed can be deleted or hidden and privacy setting adjustments can prevent other users from posting in the Timeline.

4.     Connection

Tag allows the user to label a person in a photo, Like feedback and connections about the user's interests, Follow subscribes the user for updates from the people they are interested in, and Poke sends a notification to the recipient that he/she has been poked.

5.     Video Calling

This feature allows the user to have a video chat with another user.

6.     Facebook Messenger

A stand-alone feature or app that connects the user directly to the Facebook Chat area which displays online contacts and facilitates conversations with other users.


7.     Mobile Texts

The registered user will receive notifications directly to the linked mobile phone and can also respond to these notifications through text message.

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