7 Best Smartphone Covers For Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Crystal Edition Teased Online; Tipped to Debut in May
A new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Samsung Galaxy S5, the latest flagship from Samsung bundle offering, has many interesting features. It is definitely one of the most anticipated handsets ever.

Those who are thinking of buying this phone might also want to check out the best suited case to protect the brand new handset. Here is a list of some of the best smartphone cases for Galaxy S5:

S-View Flip Cover

Samsung's very own case called S-View flip cover has a sleek design. It is a small opening on top of the case that helps the user to see the incoming calls and notifications without opening the cover. This is made of hard shell that gives a solid support to the rear of the phone. Flip cover comes in five shades: black, white, green, rose gold and pink. This costs $40.99.

Belkin 2-in-1 Wallet Folio Case

Belkin offers a wide range of accessories to Galaxy S5 handset. Out of the list, there is one case that stands out, i.e. Belkin's 2-in-1 Wallet Folio Case. This case comes in four different combination of shades: ink/lavender, azalea /fiesta, black/gravel and lagoon/ink. Also, it doubles as a card holder; there are three slots for cards. The case locks the phone at perfect angles by providing a sturdy rear support. The cover is lined with microfiber to keep the screen scratch-free. The wallet folio case can also be used as a kickstand. This is priced at $39.99.

X-Doria Scene Plus Case

X-Doria Scene Plus case for Galaxy S5 is modestly priced at $29.99. This is a compact case that comes with a safety bumper. The case is slightly transparent which lets the user see the solid colors of Samsung Galaxy S5. According to X-Doria, this case is designed so strong that it can absorb shock. This does not just protect the rear of the phone but also its front by providing a raised frontal bezel.

Griffin Survivor Clear Case

Griffin Survivor Clear case is similar to X-Doria Scene Plus case. It has a transparent rear case to showcase Galaxy S5's actual rear color. This has a clear polycarbonate cover with a rugged bumper. According to the company, Samsung Galaxy S5 can survive a 6-foot drop because of its TPE rubber corners. It is priced at $29.99.

Otterbox Commuter Series Wallet Shell Case

If the user requirement is a heavy-duty, rugged and multipurpose protective smartphone case/cover, then the Otterbox Commuter Series Wallet Shell is a perfect choice and a go-to case. This company offers quite a lot of variants in cases. The Commuter Series Wallet Shell comes with two layers. The second layer can be used as wallet for card and cash. There are four different shades: gray, blue, pink and black. This case is priced at $39.99.

Tech21 Impact Mesh Case

Tech21 Mesh Impact case for Galaxy S5 houses a mesh interior touted to safeguard the handset from bumps and damages. It is built with shock-absorbing D30 polymer material. This comes in both clear and smokey color options: red, pink, purple and blue. This is priced at $34.99.

Obliq Skyline Pro Case

This is the cheapest case among the other variants priced at $11.99. Obliq Skyline Pro case for Samsung Galaxy S5 houses a hard shell designed for protection from accidental drops and inevitable scratches. This case can also be used as a kickstand. Also, Obliq comes in four different bright shades: mint green, pink, white and red.

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