7 Amazing iPhone 6 Concept Designs Any Apple Fan Would Wish To Come True [PHOTOS]

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  • iPhone 6 concept design 1
    Made by concept designer Federico Ciccarese, this mockup design sees the iPhone 6 in two display options: the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. It comes with a tapered body and the rear camera moved to the center portion. Twitter/@ciccaresedesign
  • iPhone 6 concept design 2
    This first design from Dutch designer Martin Hajek gives a similar look with the Windows Phone. Martin Hajek/www.martinhajek.c
  • iPhone 6 concept design 3
    This second design from Martin Hajek takes inspiration from the looks of the iPad Air. Martin Hajek/www.martinhajek.c
  • iPhone 6 concept design 4
    This third design from Martin Hajek comes with a unique edge to edge bezel screen. Martin Hajek/www.martinhajek.c
  • iPhone 6 concept design 5
    This design made by Set Solution has a 3D camera, wireless charging feature and touch friendly buttons. It also has a 4.7 inch display and measures at 4.8mm thick. Set Solution SRL/www.setsoluti
  • iPhone 6 concept design 6
    This concept design made by ConceptsiPhone designers Simone Evangelista and Ran Avni boasts of a 5.5 inch display with a 5.5mm body. It also has elongated volume buttons along with an endless pool display. Simone Evangelista and Ran Avn
  • iPhone 6 concept design 7
    This last design from ConceptsiPhone as well is presented with dimensions quite similar with the iPhone 5. It has a battery light indicator seen on its bottom port. YouTube/ConceptsiPhone
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With the upcoming iPhone 6 rumoured to arrive soon from the Cupertino-tech giant, many analysts and fans are temporarily settling for different concept designs that are either too unrealistic or highly possible.

Here are top seven amazing iPhone 6 concept designs that any Apple fan would dream of seeing it happen in the actual next generation iPhone. From Federico Ciccarese, Martin Hajek, Set Solution, and ConceptsiPhone, be amazed with this collection of mockups deemed almost perfect for the highly anticipated iPhone 6.

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