6mm-Thin iPhone 6 on 2014 Release Date plus Smart Features Galore Tipped Anew in Fresh Leaks

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Taller and thinner are the headline specs and features of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 on release date this 2014 with Apple stuffing the device with loads of smart features thanks to the enhancement-packed iOS 8.

Apple Insider has reported that basing on the latest iPhone 6 renders that originated from Eastern Europe, the 2014 model is virtually confirmed to flash a 4.7-inch screen profile with a fully revamped overall make.

First broadcasted by NowhereElse.fr, the visualised iPhone body-build paints the smartphone with a very sexy footprint - the length clears at 138mm while the body-width stretches to 67mm. In actual implement, iPhone 6 users stand to enjoy extra column and row of icons from the iPhone 5S.

More remarkable, however, is the likely incredible thinness of the next iPhone, shrinking to only 6mm while housing the powerful components inside led by a 64-bit A8 processing chip. If true, the iPhone 6 will be 1.6mm thinner than the iPhone 5S, Apple Insider noted on its report.

And while ensuring that Apple fans will brandish a beautiful iPhone later this 2014, the device's impressive capabilities are also implied in two different iOS concepts - showing the upcoming handset's bevy of smart features.

In an iOS 8 concept video picked by Gotta Be Mobile, the iPhone 6 is touted to sport the following killer functionalities - auto sleep/wake, shake to read messages, auto camera open and lock screen gestures.

These features, according to GBM, will make for a more intelligent iPhone usage.

And the device too, according to BGR, will deliver health-related and safety features that again were implied in a YouTube iOS concept clip put together by TechRadar.

The presentation highlighted the rumoured iOS 8 app Healthbook that BGR said will help iPhone owners to monitor "heart rate, blood sugar, hydration, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, fitness activity, nutrition and sleep."

Another noteworthy feature is DriveMode, which the report said has been mentioned in previously published Apple patents. When activated, the application will automatically lock out users from their iPhones while driving.

DriveMode is Apple's obvious attempt to eliminate or cut down road accidents that were traced to smartphone use while on the driver's seat.

These exciting specs and features are expected to materialise come the iPhone 6 release date this 2014, which analysts said will happen on September for the 4.7-inch model and December for the phablet-size 5.5-inch edition.

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