600 Videos Show Babies Raped by 32-year-old Home Carer

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One hundred thousand and 600 "horrendous and graphic" photos and videos exposed a 32-year-old male home carer raping babies and kids under five years old.

Families SA is handling the case of the 32-year-old man home carer who had been raping babies and kids under his care - a case that even police officers found to "horrendous and horrific."

According to police the photos and videos that they have to work on are very horrific that each of them is limited to view the materials for a maximum of two hours.

Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Dickson, who had been in police service for 36 years, said that the photos and videos were the worse he have ever seen.

 "This investigation is horrific. It is horrific for the victims and their families, and it is deeply disturbing for the police who are required to view these images," Dickson said.

The 32-year-old man home carer had the convenience to do his appalling deed because he had always clothed the children, changed their nappies and tucked them to bed.

Re-elected Premier Jay Weatherill said that the case was his worst political nightmare.

"If the allegations ... are proven true, then an evil shadow has descended on our state... the most a catastrophic events in Australian history," Weatherill said.

In a separate interview with ABC Radio, Weatherill said that officials are considering aradical approach to ban all male carers.

"I have not got a concluded view, it seems very sad. Some of the carers they have had are fine young men. I would not like to think they could not be in that role," Weatherill said.

Families SA's David Waterford said that the male carer seemed ordinary and trustworthy.

"There was nothing extraordinary about this individual. In every regard - in terms of his presentation in the community, in terms of his presentation in the workforce, he was for all intents and purposes a very average person. I have never received any complaints. I did not receive any notification about this person," Waterford said.

Education Minister Jennifer Rankine echoed the same saying nothing appears to be dubious about the man. There was no indication of his evil nature.

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