6 Ways Samsung Galaxy Tab S Betters the iPad Air

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Customers Attend a Workshop About the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Jakarta
Customers attend a workshop about the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Jakarta, April 11, 2014. Reuters

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Tab S which aims for the twin moniker of not only being the best Android tablet ever but also one to better the segment leader, the iPad Air. While opinions might be divided on whether the Galaxy Tab S is, indeed, better than the iPad Air, here are 6 things the Samsung device can pull off but the iPad Air can't currently accomplish.

Fingerprint Sensor

The Galaxy Tab S comes with a fingerprint sensor in the home button which can also be used to authenticate payments. For this feature, Samsung has also up with PayPal to provide users with a convenient way to make online payments.

Adaptive Display

The Galaxy Tab S is readable even in direct sunlight thanks to sensors it comes integrated with that adjusts colour gamut, sharpness and so on in accordance with external light conditions. The Tab S already offers the best pixel density while its Super AMOLED display ensures rich colour reproduction unlike any other tablet device currently available.


The Tab S also comes with a SideSync feature which essentially allows the user to control his smartphone using the tablet. This includes transfer of files between the phone and a tablet as well as make and receive calls. The feature is currently compatible with Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, and the Note 3.

Multi-Window Mode

With the Tab S, user can have two apps open simultaneously on the home screen.

Smart Stay

This feature pauses video playback if the user takes his eyes off the display. This is accomplished via a sensor that monitors eye movement and acts accordingly. The feature was first introduced in the Galaxy S4 and has now been included in the Tab S as well.

Kids Mode

The Tab S comes with a dedicated Kids Mode which can be invoked when the tablet is being used by kids. With this mode in action, parents will have the option to exercise several controls over the usage of the device. The UI, too, changes from the standard Android fare to make it more kid friendly.

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