6 Strong Features of the Blackberry 10

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Research in Motion (RIM) indeed polished their operating system and the result is that Blackberry 10 offers a fresh new look for the audience. The anticipation by many of the Blackberry comeback has been paid well with the overhauling and reinvention of the mobile operating system reflecting the effort, blood, tears and sweat of its contributors.

Here are 6 strong and notable features of the Blackberry 10 OS.

1.     Overall Interface

The visual design of the Blackberry 10 has been polished and perfected to the next level from its previous design. Colors are richer, icons are larger for easy touch, and animations flow very smooth. Its lock screen displays awaiting messages, social feeds, alarm, and email. The camera can also be accessed via lock screen with a hold and press action.

2.     Smartphone Features

Similar to any other mobile operating systems, Blackberry 10 supports multiple email clients, calendars, and social networking accounts. The new OS also have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, mobile hotspot, VPN, and internet tethering supports. In addition, airplane mode, DLNA sharing, and accessibility features are all available as well with magnification gesture, hearing aid support, and TTY for teletypewriters.

3.     The Virtual Keys

One of the most amazing changes in Blackberry OS is the predictive input of its keyboard. As a user, words are displayed on top of the virtual key showing next word prediction but these words are small and may be difficult for others to tap. The new keyboard offered by Blackberry 10 has clean layout, good touch responses, and stores three languages at the same time, left swiping on the "Clear" key to erase all the words, great auto-correction, and creative word prediction.

4.     Web Browsing with Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10 offers a standard web-browser with HTML5 fuel and Adobe Flash support. Bing is the default search engine but can also be changed to Google or Yahoo engines. Aside from the navigation gestures such as double-tapping, the browser include search on the web page, bookmarks and history, private browsing, and whitelist tools.

5.     Voice Command

Blackberry 10 includes a new Voice Control application which acts as a voice assistant similar to the Apple's Siri, except she is not conversational. The voice assistant acts more like a robot and can be commanded to do Internet searches, do reminder notes, schedule appointments, and dictate simple messages.

6.     The Most Powerful Email Support

Email is something that Blackberry has already mastered throughout its time. And this time around, composing message will never be the same with the ability to attach various files, edit format text, and change the font color. Marking is not also a problem with file, tag, mark as read, and batch deleting options.

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