6 Research Backed Reasons That Determine Who You are Most Likely to Fall in Love With

There are Psychological Reasons Why One Would be Attracted to Another
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Love is not decided in heaven; strangely studies have shown that there are psychological reasons for a person to be attracted to another. There are six research backed reasons that explain why someone is more likely to fall in love with another.

Anxiety may just be the key to fall in love

Psychologists state that "misattribution of arousal" is one main reason for people to be sexually attracted to another. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, studied the relation between sexual attraction and anxiety. For the study the researchers Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron placed men under two anxiety generating circumstances, one group was made to stand on a high shaky bridge and another on a lower one. After which they met a female experimenter who gave them a questionnaire and her number "just in case." It was seen that the men who were on a higher bridge were more likely to call them because the anxiousness felt on the bridge created a sense of arousal which they mistook for an attraction to the women. Psychologists call this phenomenon "misattribution of arousal," a reason why many prefer to do exciting things on their first date, they explained.

Physical proximity increases the probability of falling in love

An experiment at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) revealed that students' whose dorms were close to each other, felt emotionally close to each other as well. They state that they are more likely to pass each other and greet each other often and this made them feel more intimate. People also trust those they are more familiar with. So, the more closer you are to another the more the chances of them falling in love with you.


A survey by the University of Chicago found that people who made selfless statements like, "I'd rather suffer myself than let the one I love suffer," were more happy in their relationships than those who did not agree with it. Majority of the women also prefer men who are kind and caring.

Owning a dog helps too

While a relationship works on several grounds, an experiment by the University of Michigan showed that people who owned dogs attracted the opposite sex more. In the experiment women read small illustrative descriptions about men who owned dogs, women rated them with higher long term attractiveness. This is because a dog owner is seen to be more calm, happy and approachable.

A survey conducted by Dognition revealed that 82 percent people felt more secure and confidentwhile approaching dog owners.  The survey states, "having a dog with you is more important for first impressions than what you wear."

Ironically people like those who do not like them initially

A study by Jerome Tognoli and Robert Keisner about the gain-loss theory of attraction found that people were attracted to more to those who did not like them at first but eventually began liking them than those who always liked them. For the study an experimenter gave the participants positive and negative reviews of them, those who were given positive reviews in the beginning and then positive later, found the experimenter far more appealing than those who received positive reviews initially.

The way to their heart is through their walking pace

A study by the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana found that men when in love try to walker slower to keep in pace with the woman. Keeping in pace with your partner can help in attracting them, they feel as an equal with the other. They also found that friends who were not romantically interested in each other did not adjust their walking speeds to match each others. 

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