6 Reasons Why Cheaper Android Phones Are Better Buys than Expensive Units

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The Android OS has become the world's most popular mobile system platform that it is available to almost any devices and to almost every brand in the market. There are expensive phones which costs a lot offering state-of-the-art technology while other phones are just a quarter of the cost of the expensive unit while providing the Android experience.

So why buy these expensive phones and spend a lot of cash if you are just looking for Android?

Here are the reasons which make cheap Androids and expensive Androids different.

1.     Operating System customised by manufacturer

Android itself has a price and it will offer all the OS features buyers are looking for. Once it is installed to a device, the price increases depending on the name of brand, the adjustments made, and the interface to make it better. Examples of these add-ons are the Samsung TouchWiz UI, HTC Sense UI, and LG Optimus UI included in some of their smartphones for smoother touch response.

2.     Applications

Google Apps are already included in the Android OS package and companies add something else that the user can access exclusively. Samsung Apps and HTC apps are examples of these applications which users can only find on their respective devices. These apps features games and other apps optimised for their units. Advance features such as the S-Pen feature is very exclusive to Galaxy Note devices which make them very expensive.

3.     Display Type

Cheap Android phones usually have the basic capacitive touchscreen type which is the only thing needed for the screen to respond when a user touches it. Using another kind of display type such as Amoled, IPS, and TFT will make its price higher because this type of display screens does something to the color, lighting, responsiveness, and battery life.

4.     Battery

Expensive batteries offer more energy, and thus, will cost more. A high-end device can have a special display type and a more powerful battery, and if users added the two things, the phone is more expensive than a basic Android device.

5.     Hardware components

More processors, more RAM, and more powerful graphics chipset are going to add up to the pile up of charges. The device is fast and very responsive but most users do not know how to maintain it, and the clutter inside the device will eventually slow it down. If you do not intend to use the phone for high-tasking applications, there is no need to waste all the money for nothing.

6.     Protection, material and form

Do not assume that devices with Gorilla Glass, KEVLAR, water resistant screen, and dust-proof body are all powered by Android; they are not. These features are offered by their manufacturers to protect the device, but unfortunately, it is still not perfect from crushing, drowning, and breakage. Materials used which makes up the body such as titanium and very strong aluminums are added to its selling price. Samsung is very wise to keep plastics in their smartphones to cut the price. No matter how tough they say about the device, it can still be damaged or destroyed if the user is irresponsible.

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