The 6 Fashion Risks You Should Take Before You Die

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By this time in your life, you've already figured out what you like and don't like, and what works for you and what doesn't, when it comes to fashion. (You haven't? Check out Fashion For Dummies to get a head start on finding your style.) How about stepping up your fashion game and take some of these fashion risks at least once in your lifetime? Here are some few tricks to try. (They're not for the faint-hearted, but hey, you're taking fashion risks, right?)

1. Pile on the bling

Coco Chanel once said, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." Well, screw that rule even just for a moment and pile on your accessories. Layer on the necklaces, wear all your bangles on one arm, wear two cuffs a la Wonder Woman -- your call!

2. Go androgynous for a day...

Channel your inner Annie Hall and wear menswear like nobody's business. Now go ahead and borrow your brother's dress shirt, your dad's waistcoat and your guy's gray tie you often compare to that of Christian Grey's. Wear them all at once and you're headed down to tomboy chics-ville.

3. Try socks with heels and/or sandals

Huffington Post suggests wearing pastel-colored ankle socks with sandals, while Glamour recommends knee-high socks with heels. Observe how the likes of Marc Jacobs and Burberry pulled off this look and you'll be convinced to sport it as well in no time.

4. Go buy that pricey item you're drooling for!

Lusting over that Tiffany charm bracelet or that wrap dress from DVF that fits you like a glove? If you have the funds, hear me when I say "Go buy it! And never regret it. Because you deserve a treat."

5. Wear an impossibly high heel.

Besides looking taller, heels gives you that instant boost of confidence you need. A few things to bear in mind, though: choose a pair that has a little room for your toes to wiggle, practice walking in them first before using them, and use foot cushions on areas where you need more comfort.

6. Wear a jumpsuit for a formal event you've seen the likes of Julia Roberts and Margot Robbie rock the jumpsuit on a formal event like an awards night. Follow suit and wear one on your next formal event. And just like these two celebs, you're bound to stand out in the sea of long dresses that night.

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