5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Phablet Confirmed for Q4 2014 Release Date as Apple Resolves Battery Production Glitch – Reports

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The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 phablet release date this 2014 will go ahead as originally planned as reports from Apple supply chain players in Asia indicate that production issues concerning the upcoming device have been resolved.

The meat of the giant iPhone 6 edition manufacturing problem is the likelihood that battery supplies with very strict specifications will not be able to meet Apple's release calendar for the first iOS phablet, which could result to supply shortage come the device debut time, G4Games said in a new report.

The same report recalled that Dynapack, chief supplier of Apple's battery requirements for its iOS devices, was struggling to come up with the shipment numbers on time for the bigger iPhone 6, which apparently was designed with a super-slim but with a higher rating.

As early as April this year, speculations swirl that the Q4 2014 rollout for the 5.5-inch iPhone could be delayed into the next quarter and the culprit is Dynapack's battery production woes.

Fast forward, it appears now that Apple has effectively dealt with the problem by sourcing the bulk of its large iPhone 6 battery orders from a different contractor.

According to G4Games, pointing to Chinese blog site Laboya as source, Apple jumped from Taiwan-based Dynapack to Sunwoda Electronics, which operates in mainland China. The switch will ensure that the iPhone maker will get shipments of 20 million battery units exclusively designed for the iPhone 6 phablet, the same report added.

As a direct result of the resolved issue, Apple fans longing to own the hotly-anticipated jumbo-size iPhone have higher chances of taking home the device come the 2014 Christmas season. In short, the crucial Apple move avoided the likely delay that would have marred the iPhone phablet unboxing later in the year.

However, G4Games did not touch on an earlier take by KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo that apart from the battery production challenge, the bigger iPhone assembly, shipment and rollout could be affected by display panel issues.

Kou stressed on his April research note that the earliest the iPhone 6 phablet can be expected is between November and December 2014, adding that possible delays could not be discounted.

In such event, a pushback could leave Apple fans waiting for the Galaxy Note 4 rival through January 2015.

Regardless, the countdown for iPhone 6 release date, at least for the 4.7-inch build, should commence in January 2014 with both the regular and phablet models confirmed to bring along the freshly-unveiled iOS 8 and its bunch of killer features.

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