50 GB Cloud Storage For Only 99 Cents; Price to Remain the Same Year-After-Year


The cloud storage war has been going on for some time now with Google leading the price cut followed by Microsoft.

But there is a new addition to the list with the iDrive. The current offer from iDrive gives solid competition to both the big players in cloud storage landscape. Cloud storage used to be among the nice-to-haves. But in recent times, this has become a necessity.

With customers using cloud storage to back-up their personal data, to synchronize files, folders & photos, and also to utilize cloud as a common storage area for all the required data which can be accessed from any device including phones, tablets, and PCs, among others.


The new iDrive has launched a special offer for Android users aimed at having 50 GB cloud storage space for 99 cents per year. This offer is valid only for Android users and new iDrive customers. To get this sweet deal, the Android device users have to install iDrive online app and sign up for an account.

Attractive Offer

Android users will get a 50 GB storage space for backing up photos, videos, apps and contacts, among others and an additional 50 GB sync space across devices.

The 99 cents yearly fee is not for the first year. The price is the same annually. For the customers who are used to seeing such deals, being part of the first year the price shoots up in the next consecutive years between $50 and $100. This is definitely a great deal.

According to CNet, this is what the company representative had to say, "It will be the same [99 cents] a year from now. [This is not] a first-year discount or limited-time offer."

Even though the users need an Android device to get this offer, once they have iDrive account, they can use it across all platforms which include Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, Mac and iOS.

The additional perk is iDrive that can automatically back up mobile data, including photos and videos. This Android app enjoys a very high score of 4.2 in the Play Store.

Technical Details And Trial Run

iDrive uses 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt user data. Also, users can add an encryption key to secure the data. Before opting for 50 GB offer, interested users can give a trial run with 5.5 GB of free storage and can get another 5.5 GB for sync space when the account is activated, according to Phone Arena.

Android users with the need for big cloud storage deal with no burden on the wallet should opt for this service.

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