50 Cent Mocks Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Check Post And Reading Ability [VIDEO]

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Curtis "50 Cent " Jackson is not letting up in his feud against boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The beef between the rapper/actor and the highest paid athlete in the world hit new strides as 50 Cent responded to Floyd Mayweather's big money boast.

If you are not aware of the progression of events this is what has transpired recently. 50 Cent challenged Mayweather to read a page from a Harry Potter novel for an Ice Bucket Challenge and he would donate $750,000 to a charity of Mayweather's choice. He added mockery to that challenge by offering a children's book instead, "Cat in the Hat."

According to XXL Mag, Mayweather responded last Saturday by posting two checks in his Instagram account amount to approximately $72 million with the caption, "Read this $72,276,000.00."

Mayweather is boxing's biggest draw. And the highest paid athlete in the world according to the latest list produced by Forbes last June. His pay-per-view fights generate north of $100 million per event but appears flaunting his money around did not do much to impress the rapper. It appears that 50 Cent has the upper hand again as he has responded with a new remark expected to draw the ire of "Money" Mayweather.

In a recent Instagram post, Jackson why Mayweather would flaunt his money before him when reading comprehension was the issue. "You work for Oscar, bitch?," citing Floyd's checks bearing Oscar dela Hoya's promotional outfit. "I guess you want people to see your math is better then your reading. Get a account Floyd, the people around you are using you.if you mad at me call me or come see me," he captioned the post.

This feud comes in a series of back and forth that has escalated the once smooth relationship between the two. 50 Cent and Mayweather were former business partners who had a falling out.  Now, we await the next chapter or the next round if Mayweather chooses to retaliate. For now, we can watch the latest tirade from 50 Cent:

(Video Courtesy of: Youtube/OfficialMKTv)

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