5 Ways Why Samsung Galaxy S3 is Better than iPhone 5

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Apple is expected to battle head on with its rival smartphones in the market, officially unveiled its flagship phone.

Apple unveiled its latest smartphone in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts, and has the entire tech world watching to see the next generation iPhone. Some of its amazing features are 4G/LTE connectivity, 4-inch screen display and new operating system.

One of iPhone 5's main rivals is the Samsung Galaxy S3, which was introduced last May. In the past weeks, Samsung released a series of Facebook and YouTube ads amidst the hype around iPhone 5. Samsung took a stab on Apple in its most recent YouTube video (below) showing a long queue for a newly-released phone similar to what happens when the new iPhone is out.

Samsung claimed that "the next big thing is already here" referring to the Galaxy S3. The company boasts some of its amazing features such as a lot bigger screen, 4G/LTE connectivity, NFC through S Beam.

Below are the five features of Samsung Galaxy S3 that makes it a better choice than the new iPhone 5.

Much bigger screen display - Samsung Galaxy S3 has a slightly bigger screen display with the size of 4.8 inches. This screen size and resolution is perfect for movie junkies who love to watch movies on the go.

NFC - One of the features that you cannot find in the new iPhone 5 is Near Field Communication or NFC. Samsung users enjoy this feature through S Beam and they are able to share content through this feature.

Expandable storage - One of the perks of owning a Samsung Galaxy S3 is its expandable storage up to 32GB through a microSD slot. This is perfect for people who hold a lot of file in their smartphones.

Pop-up Play - The Samsung Galaxy S3 allows you to multi-task while watching a video clip through its pop-up play feature.

Removable battery - One of the fascinating features of the Galaxy S3 is its removable battery. This becomes beneficial because you can replace a dead one with a fully charged spare.

Both iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are already available through major carriers and their respective stores.

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