5 Useful Samsung Galaxy S3 Tricks You May Not Know Existed

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People received the Samsung Galaxy S3 well and it packs great specs and features that lured millions of consumers worldwide and became the best-selling phone of 2012.

Some users discovered hidden tips and tricks on the Samsung Galaxy S3. These features may not be present in the manual.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the tech giant's best-selling phone of 2012. The device boasts a big 4.8 inch super AMOLED screen display, a quad-core processor, expandable storage, 4G/LTE connectivity and NFC support, and a 2100 mAh battery.

The latest news about Samsung Galaxy S3 is that screenshots of the 4.1.2 version of the Android Jelly Bean update for smartphone leaked and went viral on the Internet last week.

Yes, the update is coming soon. However, it is expected to arrive in December or January next year. The software is currently undergoing testing for the Galaxy S3 and is said to be stable and almost ready.

The photos were posted on SamMobile. However, the company has yet to make an official statement about the screenshots that are making the rounds in the cyberspace.

The Androidv4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S3 may arrive later this year but a leak showed that the update includes some of Galaxy Note 2's killer features.

According to GottaBeMobile, Multi Window View is not the only new feature coming with the update either. In addition to the powerful split-screen multitasking which allows users to use two separate apps on the display, this leaked firmware also includes features such as page buddy, notification panel that can be customized, smart rotation, etc.

While waiting for the update, enjoy some of the tricks in your handset. Below are some of the useful tricks that you may have missed in your Samsung Galaxy S3.

  1. Call or send text easily - When you are in contacts you can use touchscreen gestures to call or text contacts. You can swipe right to left on a name to text someone in your contacts or left to right to call them.
  2. Prolonging the battery life - If your battery is running low or you want to get the most out of it then you can use the power saving feature that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S3. This changes a lot of features on your handset, which allows you to get longer life from your battery. It will alter the haptic feedback, brightness of the screen's display, the CPU speed and the color of the web browser background.
  3. Make short clips and films - Anyone who likes taking and editing videos will be pleased to know that you can trim videos on the Samsung Galaxy S3. This means you get perfect short clips from the built in app.
  4. View/read webpages offline - Saving webpages to view offline is easy on the Samsung Galaxy S3. You can store any webpage by hitting the menu soft button and then choosing save for offline reading.
  5. Protect your smartphone - If you were to lose your handset there is a handy feature that allows you to remotely wipe your Samsung Galaxy S3. To access this you do have to sign up online with Samsung and then you have the option of wiping the device, or if you lose it, you can find it with the Find my Phone online feature. 
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