5 Uncanny Jobs That Actually Pay Very Well

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A cat sits on pet food at a stall in a market in Bangkok September 8, 2009.
A cat sits on pet food at a stall in a market in Bangkok September 8, 2009. REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang

Majority of people have to take on boring jobs that pay very little or the average. If you are wishing for some adventure, you will realise that there are actually a fortunate few who take on uncanny jobs that pay thousands of dollars every month. Aside from having extra savings for the future, you get the thrill of your life on an ordinary work day. 

Have you heard of any of these jobs before? 

1. Aeromedical serviceman

Aeromedical servicemen provide air ambulance services to bring people from remote and rural areas quickly to hospitals. In Australia, air transport medical services are very useful which either brings patients to healthcare facilities or transport aerial doctors to remote locations to treat individuals with severe conditions. Professional servicemen can get paid $80,000 a year at least.

2. Submarine cook

The job entails cooking for submarine servicemen and Navy personnel. The base pay is $50,000 but cooks can get salary increases through the years as they gain more experience. A senior submarine cook in Australia can earn as much as $200,000 per year.

3. Pearl diver

People who like to explore the deep sea can be a pearl diver and earn as much as $500 per day. Offshore rates can be higher and you can receive bonuses for rare finds.

4. Pet food taster

Australians are natural animal lovers so companies generally hire pet food tasters to make sure that dogs, cats and other animals enjoy what they are eating. They try a variety of flavors and mix these to check if the products stay palatable for the furry ones.

5. Snaker milker

There are so many species of snakes in Australia which is why specific antidotes also have to be made to protect bite victims from getting poisoned. To make the antidote, professional snake milkers are needed to extract the venom from the fangs of the deadly reptiles. Professionals can get paid $50,000 to $100,000 a year.

There are other exciting but less risky jobs available that pay well in Australia and New Zealand. Some of these are involved in agriculture and farming while others may focus on health care or manufacturing. 

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