5 Types of Food You Should Never Eat Before An Important Event

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A customer looks at bananas in a supermarket in Sydney April 27, 2011
A customer looks at bananas in a supermarket in Sydney April 27, 2011 Reuters/Daniel Munoz

On ordinary days, you can enjoy eating almost anything without getting worried that your stomach might suddenly get upset. However, when preparing for big events, it is better to stay away from certain types of food. You might not be aware that some of the usual foods you eat have unexpected effects that can alter your performance. 

1. Food that causes bad breath

When preparing to give a speech, going for an interview or meeting your in-laws, it is best to stay away from pungent and aromatic food. These types of food usually contain high levels of sulfur and other elements that make your breath foul for hours. Avoid eating onions, garlic, shallots and curry to avoid leaving a bad impression.

2. Sleep-inducing food

Some food have high amounts of tryptophan like turkey and banana. This can make you feel drowsy and lower mental alertness, which will not be advantageous when you are getting ready for big exam or going for an interview. Jasmine rice is another type of food that will make people feel sleepy.

3. Fatty food

Although foods high in fat and sugar give you instant energy, when the effects subside, you will experience a crash in terms of mental focus and alertness. The fat also tends to emit a certain odor, making you smell like what you just ate. It will not be helpful to feel sleep during an important interview or report.

4. Gassy food

Broccoli, curry, beans and other Mexican food tend to cause flatulence. You will pass gas several hours after you consume these so it is best to have them after the big event.

5. Watery sources

Although you need to stay hydrated, it is not advised to drink a lot of water or soup before important events, especially when you cannot excuse yourself to go to the bathroom in between. Having too much water in your system also makes you feel bloated and sluggish. Instead, take small sips of water while giving a speech or during an important date.

Read more about the usual foods you eat and determine if these have high levels of fat, tryptophan and other agents that cause unwanted effects. 

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