5 Top Features Confirmed by Samsung for Galaxy Note 3’s September 2013 Release?

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Reports are rife that Samsung is all geared up for Episode 2 of its gadget onslaught for 2013, which of course will introduce the much-awaited Galaxy Note 3 on September.

SamMobile has indicated in a new report that the Note 3 is definitely on its way this Q3 2013 and the new phablet will be previewed via the IFA 2013 in Berlin, set to kick off on first week of September, or through an exclusive Unpacking event similar to the New York unveiling of the Galaxy S4 last month.

Regardless, however, of the launch platform, it is the new features, which the Note 3 will bring to the table, that generates excitement among Samsung and Android fans. All the anticipation boils down into one assumption - that the third-generation phablet will surpass what the Galaxy Note 2 had unleashed last year.

And looking at the list below, which likely showcases the confirmed abilities of the upcoming Note 3, Samsung seems well on its way to rack up sales figures that could easily beat what the Note 1 and the Note 2 had jointly achieved.

Massive 5.9-inch screen display

Samsung has been making bold moves in breaking the smartphone screen barrier, dismissing Apple's insistence that 4-inch is the ideal screen size for mobile phones that now double as portable computer. For the Note 3, the South Korean tech giant is pushing the envelope further and deploying a 6-inch viewing tool for the pleasure of Android crowd.

Citing an executive of a company that supplies components for Samsung, SamMobile reported that the 6-inch screen size is a shoo-in for the Note 3. The decision to really go big for its new phablet is Samsung's answer to the emergence of new rival gadgets from China that sport smartphone screens beyond the 6-inch mark.

Unbreakable PHOLED screen technology

The new Note 3 will not only boast of sprawling front real estate but also of a new technology that highlights durability and energy efficiency. Samsung will reportedly show off cutting-edge screen capabilities with its new phablet - combining Full HD screen resolution while ensuring that the display panel is virtually unbreakable by giving it flexibility. One bonus that Samsung engineers have accomplished for the Note 3 screen is the so-called green footprint. This new smartphone is rolling out with high resolution screen that is not power-hungry.

Full 8-core Exynos Octa 5 implements

This eight-core chip was introduced earlier with the Galaxy S4 but on selective basis. There were talks that the S4 could not get the new powerhouse because of LTE issues, which according to Gotta Be Mobile has been denied by Samsung. The selective Exynos deployment on Galaxy S4 was largely due to supply challenges, which should be addressed by the Note 3 will hit global stores.

So unlike the S4, the other Samsung flagship handset will be using Octa 5 across the board, meaning the Note 3 will be powered by a two-chip processor that promises smoother phablet operations.

Powerful camera

The shooting abilities that the Note 3 will carry remain in the drawing boards. But one thing is sure, the new phablet snapper will drown out 8MP sensor that was displayed when the Note came out last year. Talks of actual cam specs range from 13MP to 16MP but beyond the numbers, Samsung is expected to lace its new smartphone with camera features that will produce professional-grade pictures and video clips.

Platform supremacy

Buyers will get to see the best of Google and Samsung in action with the Galaxy Note 3. While the entire Android world looks forward into embracing the new Key Lime Pie from the internet search giant, Samsung is silently working to add up improvements on its signature mobile interface, TouchWiz, to make it equally capable.

It may be weird that Google and Samsung are besting each other but the 'friendly competition' is making the consumers the end-winner. Imagine having to choose between the powerful offerings of Google Now and S Voice, which is only possible in the overlapping ecosystem being maintained by Google and Samsung.

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