5 Tips to Remove Virus And Malware on Your Android

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A phone runs smoothly when it is protected against all problematic issues. It is essential to avoid certain apps than may affect the phone software completely.

Like any other system, Android also keeps a check on different apps that are available to play safe. But few still gets a chance to trespass the safety line. There are few basic steps that will keep virus and malware away from your Android.

1.      If you don't know what it is, don't install it.

There are several links and messages that highlight to an app to get downloaded. It is important to check whether the app is popular enough to get installed. The apk files for Android applications might send shaky messages or pop-ups in various forums around the Internet, one would never know what hacker puts in store. If you don't know what it is or where it is coming from, it is best to avoid it.

2.      Only install from Google Play or other reputable app stores.

It is always advised to take a precaution before running around for it to cure. This should also be considered while installing certain apps. The location from where apps are downloaded should be in safety and comfort. Random download locations on the Internet and anything that promises paid apps for free is suspicious. It is recommended to clearly download apps from Google Play or related app stores like Amazon Appstore.

3.      Uncheck 'Install from unknown sources.'

Every Android phone that has access to Google Play, by default, has a lock system that keeps external applications from installing themselves. It's a safety feature that one should follow it strictly. Enabling the option "verify apps from unknown sources" under Settings will lock all applications from outside.

4.      Read the permissions.

When any app is installed, whether from Google Play or any other store, the app will declare permissions - permission to access other options on the phone. There are some good apps that will list the reasons in their app it may require such accessibility. But still the user should be careful with such instructions. For example, the wallpaper may require access to the Internet and camera but not a keystroke.

5.      Use a Virus Scanner

Though Google scans everything that goes through Google Play, it might not be a 100 percent foolproof. It is better to install anti-virus app that has a reputable brand and is loaded with bunch of extra features like the ability to find the location of the phone.  

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