5 Things You Should Know About Mary Stickley, AKA The Next Miranda Kerr

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Australian Top Model Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr has got a new house for herself in Malibu. Reuters

Mary Stickley recently won the 2014 DOLLY Model Search, leading many to compare her to supermodel Miranda Kerr, who also won the contest in 1997. In fact, fans have gone so far as to call her "the next Miranda." Could she be? Who is Mary Stickley, anyway?

1. She is just 14 years old

Some people were concerned that Stickley may be too young to become a model. In fact, Kerr won the contest when she was just 13 years old. A lot of supermodels enter the industry before they turn 15 years old. 

2. She has a twin

Mary has a twin sister, Elizabeth, and five other siblings. They are the youngest in the bunch. Her twin was very happy about Mary's recent achievement, saying that she was very proud of her sister. 

3. Her role model is also Miranda Kerr

Mary is from Brisbane, Australia, who shared that she looks up to the Victoria's Secret Angel as one of her role models.

She said, "If I could be anything like her that would be, like, really cool. She is such an inspiration to me and she is just so positive."

4. She wants to be healthy, not skinny

When asked about how she plans to influence DOLLY magazine readers, she replied that she wants to be a positive role model and wants them to be happy with who they are and not be compelled to change for anyone. She added that every person should embrace their uniqueness. She said she aims to be healthy and not just be another skinny model.

She said, "I love fashion and beauty but mostly I want to promote a healthy lifestyle, not just be a skinny model."

5. Her first cover will be on DOLLY magazine's September issue

She will appear together with Nic Westaway, actor of "Home and Away". She was chosen among 3,000 contestants and is set to represent the brand for an entire year.

Lucy Cousins, DOLLY editor-in-chief said, "All the finalists were amazing this year with such great personalities and attitudes to life. But after our voting period on dolly.com.au Mary was a clear winner. Our readers really identified with her through her interviews and videos, And we think she is the perfect ambassador for Dolly."

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